Been up all nite, sick. Had to call into work sick today and still feeling bad. I had the flu shot, so I’d hate to think how bad this would be if I hadn’t. I am staying in bed today, and hopefully I’ll work it out of my system so I can work tomorrow. ugh I hate being sick like this! 😦

Hope ya’ll are having a good day.





Calendar day; March 23, 2015

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Monday, the 23rd of March, 2015 is the 82nd day in 2015 and in the 13th calendar week.
National Youth Violence Prevention Week
March 2327, 2015 (formerly in April)
National Youth Violence Prevention Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and to educate students, teachers, school administrators, counselors, school resource officers, school staff, parents, and the public on effective ways to prevent or reduce youth Violence. This week long national education initiative will involve activities that demonstrate the positive role young people can have in making their school and community safer.
General Events:
Near Miss Day

Near Miss Day 2015
March 23, 2015 in the World
Near Miss Day takes place on March 23, 2015. It commemorates the day a huge Asteroid nearly missed hitting the earth on March 23, 1989. The 300-meter (1,000-foot) diameter asteroid missed the Earth by 700,000 kilometers (430,000 mi) passing through the exact position where the Earth was only 6 hours before. If the asteroid had impacted it would have created the largest explosion in recorded history, would have left a devastating crater the size of Washington, D.C. It attracted widespread attention as early calculations had its passage being as close as 64,000 km (40,000 mi) from the Earth, with large uncertainties that allowed for the possibility of it striking the Earth.
Other Asteroid Near Misses:
– 2003 SQ222 – Approximately 10 meters in diameter, came within 54,700 miles of earth on September 27, 2003.
– Asteroid 2002 EM7 – Approximately, 70 meters long, this rock came within 288,000 miles in March, 2002.
Where is the event?
World Meteorological Day
March 23, 2015 in the World
World Meteorological Day is observed annually on 23 March. Each year the day has a different theme. The theme for 2015 is  ‘Climate Knowledge for Climate Action’.
Organised by the World Meteorological Organisation, a part of the United Nations, and the day has been celebrated for over 60 years! Meteorological means the study of weather and short term forecasting.  And weather is something that effects us all!
The day commemorates the World Meteorological Organisation’s convention, and in previous years events have included presentations on the weather and climate, preventing natural disasters and sustainable development – all very important issues.
And you can get involved with these important discussions too. The official website has everything you need to know about weather, climate and water and has loads of useful resources to get you involved and inspired to make a difference.
Where is the event?
National Chip and Dip Day
March 23, 2015 in the USA
Chips and dip are the iconic American party snack. Whether you prefer tortilla chips, potato chips, or corn chips, there are dozens of dips to complement your snack of choice.
Humans have been dipping their food into sweet and savory sauces for centuries. Some of the earliest dips were hummus and olive oil, which originated in the Mediterranean region and are still very popular today. Salsas and dips made with sour cream became popular in the United States in the 1940s. After the Great Depression, many middle class families found themselves without a maid for the first time. Chips and dip became the go-to party dish because it was so simple to prepare.
To celebrate National Chip and Dip Day, invite some friends over for a potluck-style chip and dip party!
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 23rd March:
1490 – 1st dated edition of Maimonides “Mishneh Torah” published
1657 – France & England form alliance against Spain; England gets Dunkirk
1743 – George Frideric Handel’s oratorio “Messiah” premieres in London
1848 – The ship John Wickliffe arrives at Port Chalmers carrying the first Scottish settlers for Dunedin, New Zealand. Otago province is founded
1868 – University of California founded (Oakland California)
1879 – War of the Pacific was fought between Chile and the joints forces of Bolivia and Peru. Chile successfully took over Arica and Tarapacá which left Bolivia as a landlocked country
1881 – Boers & Britain sign peace accord; end 1st Boer war
1889 – Pres Harrison opens Oklahoma for white colonization
1889 – The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was established by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Qadian India
1901 – Dame Nellie Melba, reveals secret of her now famous toast
1919 – Benito Mussolini forms Fascist movement in Milan Italy
1921 – Germany announces it will be unable to meet its WWI reparation payments
1931 – Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev embrace the gallows during the Indian struggle for independence. Their request to be shot by a firing squad is refused
1933 – Enabling Act: German Reichstag grants Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers
1936 – Physician Joseph Hamilton injects a leukemia patient with a sodium radioisotope, the first intravenous injection of a human with a radioisotope
1940 – All-India-Muslim League calls for a Muslim homeland
1942 – US move native-born of Japanese ancestry into detention centers
1950 – UN World Meteorological Org established
1956 – Pakistan proclaimed an Islamic republic in Commonwealth (Natl Day)
1956 – Sudan becomes independent
1964 – UNCTAD 1 world conference opens in Geneva
1976 – International Bill of Rights goes into effect (35 nations ratifying)
1981 – Supreme Court upholds law making statutory rape a crime only for men
1983 – US President Ronald Reagan introduces “Star Wars”-plan (SDI)
1990 – Former Exxon Valdez Captain Joseph Hazelwood ordered to help clean up Prince William Sound & pay $50,000 in restitution for 1989 oil spill
1996 – Taiwan holds its first direct elections and chooses Lee Teng-hui as President
2001 – The Russian Mir space station is disposed of, breaking up in the atmosphere before falling into the southern Pacific Ocean near Fiji


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