Wednesday, the 25th of March, 2015 is the 84th day in 2015 and in the 13th calendar week.
General Events:
Tolkien Reading Day
March 25, 2015 in the World
Tolkien Reading Day has been organised by the Tolkien Society since 2003 to encourage fans to celebrate and promote the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading favourite passages. We particularly encourage schools, museums and libraries to host their own Tolkien Reading Day events.
The date of March 25 was chosen in honour of the fall of Sauron, when Frodo and Sam’s friendship triumphed in Mordor with the destruction of the One Ring.
The theme of friendship was chosen for this year’s Reading Day to help celebrate the deep friendships that Tolkien developed in his own life and in his work.
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International Day of Remembrance of Slavery Victims and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
March 25, 2015 in the World
On December 17, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 25 as the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It was first observed in 2008.
It honors the lives of those who died as a result of slavery or experienced the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. It is also an occasion to raise awareness about the dangers of racism and prejudice.
About 17 million people were transported against their will from Africa to North, Central and South America during the 16th century and up until the 19th century. Millions more died while being transported to the Americas. This mass deportation and resulting slavery are seen as one of the worst violations of human rights. Some experts believe that its effects are still felt in Africa’s economies.
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Freedom Day in Belarus
March 25, 2015 in Belarus
Freedom Day in Belarus is observed on March 25, 2015. Freedom Day is an unofficial holiday in Belarus, which is celebrated on March 25 to commemorate the creation on that date in 1918 of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BPR). People and groups opposed to the current Belarusian government under Alexander Lukashenko celebrate the holiday. The government does not recognize it for the stated reason that the BPR was created by the Germans, who were occupying Belarus in 1918. Celebrations of the holiday are an annual occasion of demonstrations against the rule of Lukashenko.
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Nationwide  Belarus
Old New Year’s Day
March 25, 2015 in the World
Although the Gregorian calendar was created in 1582, many countries chose to ignore it for several hundred years. Instead, they used “Annunciation Style dating,” which recognized the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25) as New Year’s Day.
England didn’t adopt our modern-day Gregorian calendar until 1751. Russia held out until 1918! In fact, people in Russia, Switzerland, Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus, and Serbia still celebrate the Old New Year.
Plan a grand feast with family and friends to celebrate the occasion. Happy Old New Year!
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International Waffle Day
March 25, 2015 in the World
Waffle Day is a tradition that is celebrated in Sweden, and to a lesser extent elsewhere, on March 25. Waffles are typically eaten on this day. The name comes from Vårfrudagen (“Our Lady’s Day”), which in vernacular Swedish sounds almost like Våffeldagen (waffle day). Our Lady’s Day is celebrated on March 25 (nine months before Christmas), the Christian holiday of Annunciation, and the Waffle Day is hence celebrated on the same day although it has no religious connections to Our Lady’s Day.
In the United States, National Waffle Day is celebrated August 24, the date of a U.S. patent on a waffle iron.
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Historical Events on 25th March:
31 – 1st Easter, according to calendar-maker Dionysius Exiguus
1199 – Richard I, Lion Heart, King o f England, is wounded by a crossbow bolt while fighting France which leads to his death on April 6
1609 – Henry Hudson embarks on an exploration for Dutch East India Co
1655 – Christiaan Huygens discovers Titan (Saturn’s largest satellite)
1669 – Mount Etna in Sicily erupts, destroying Nicolosi, killing 20,000
1802 – France, Netherlands, Spain & Great Britain sign Peace of Amiens
1821 – Greece gains independence from Turkey (National Day)
1882 – 1st demonstration of pancake making (Dept store in NYC)
1895 – Italian troops invade Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1916 – Women are allowed to attend a boxing match
1918 – The Belarusian People’s Republic is established
1931 – Scottsboro Boys (accused of raping a white woman) arrested in Alabama
1944 – RAF Flight Sgt Nicholas Alkemade survives a jump from his Lancaster bomber from 18,000 feet over Germany without a parachute; his fall was broken by pine trees and soft snow, and he suffered only a sprained leg
1957 – Treaty of Rome establishes European Economic Community (Common Mkt)
1964 – Egypt ends state of siege (1952-64)
1992 – British scientists find new largest perfect # (2 756839 -1 * 2 756839)