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How to start this. I have some friends on FB, yeah. That are having an issue between each other, and one side is posting their side of the issue. The other finally posted their side of the issue. Now then, there are still shades of gray and I don’t know all of the information. So while I want to be supportive to my friends, both of them, I stay the hell out of it.

Now then, I still like the both of them. However I’m not taking sides. They each have their opinion that is valid for them. And I understand both sides, benefit of being a therapist. However, not my monkeys and definitely not my circus! yep! I love that quote! says me a lot of headaches and stress!

Moral of the story: keep the issues between the two people. If you have a problem with one person, take it off social media and deal with it like an adult. Talk rationally, both of you are entitled to your opinions, right or wrong, they are valid. If you can’t come up with a solution, here’s one: Stop talking to each other.

And this is my opinion! I still care about you both, but I’m staying out of the middle of this! I’ve got enough stuff in my own life to deal with. And no, I don’t post everything, because honestly, not everybody needs to know my stuff! Okie dokies then. xoxo


And now I want to find this on a charm to add to my bracelet! 



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Calendar day; March 30, 2015

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Monday, the 30th of March, 2015 is the 89th day in 2015 and in the 14th calendar week.
General Events:
Land Day 2015
March 30, 2015 in Palestine
Land Day is celebrated on March 30, 2015. Land Day is an annual day of commemoration for Palestinians of the events of that date in 1976. In response to the Israeli government’s announcement of a plan to expropriate thousands of dunams of land for “security and settlement purposes”, a general strike and marches were organized in Arab towns from the Galilee to the Negev. In the ensuing confrontations with the Israeli army and police, six Arab citizens were killed, about one hundred were wounded, and hundreds of others arrested.
In the intervening years, those events have become consecrated in the Palestinian memory as Land Day.
Where is the event?
Nationwide Palestine
Seward’s Day 2015
March 30, 2015 in Alaska
Seward’s Day takes place on March 30, 2015. Seward’s Day is a legal holiday in the U.S. state of Alaska. It falls on the last Monday in March and commemorates the signing of the Alaska Purchase treaty on March 30, 1867. It is named for then-Secretary of State William H. Seward, who negotiated the purchase from Russia. It should not be confused with Alaska Day, which marks the formal transfer of control over Alaska from Russia to the United States.
Where is Seward’s Day?
Nationwide Alaska
Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
March 30, 2015 in the USA
In 2011, nearly 38 years after the final withdrawal of U.S. combat and combat-support troops from Vietnam, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution designating March 30, “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.”
On March 30, 1973, all U.S. troops withdrew from Vietnam under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. This March 30th, the Senate has encouraged Americans across the country to recognize Vietnam veterans for their sacrifice and demonstrate a warm welcome to these soldiers who returned from war to a politically divided country.
More than 58,000 members of the United States Armed Forces lost their lives and more than 300,000 were wounded in Vietnam.
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Take a Walk in the Park Day
March 30, 2015 in the World
Take a Walk in the Park Day is celebrated on March 30, 2015. You should visit a local park on that day instead of walking around the block or going to mall. A park is an area of open space provided for recreational use. It can be in its natural or semi-natural state, or planted, and is set aside for human enjoyment or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats. An urban park is a park in cities and other incorporated places. Common features of urban parks include playgrounds, gardens, hiking, running and fitness trails or paths, bridle paths, sports field and courts, public restrooms, boat ramps and/or picnic facilities, depending on the budget and natural features available.
– Parks at first were only for the rich and elite until 1842, when Princes Park in Liverpool, England, the first park made specifically for the public, opened its gates for the first time.
– Manhattan’s Central Park is larger than Monaco, a sovereign state ruled by a prince on the southeastern tip of France, and Vatican City, the smallest country in the world.
– Now this isn’t a walk, but it happened in a park. The story goes that a politician was caught in St James’s Park, London having a little hanky-panky in the wintry night. When the Prime Minister of the time, Winston Churchill, got wind of this he was reported to have said: “In the park? In this weather? By God, makes you proud to be British!”
Where is the event?
Historical Events on 30th March:
1282 – The people of Sicily rebel against the Angevin king Charles I, in what becomes known as the Sicilian Vespers
1603 – Battle at Mellifont: English army under Lord Mountjoy beats Irish
1796 – Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician, discovers the construction of the heptadecagon
1814 – Murat issues the Rimini Declaration which would later inspire Italian Unification
1842 – Ether used as an anaesthetic for 1st time by Dr Crawford Long (Ga)
1856 – Russia signs Peace of Paris, ending the Crimean War
1858 – Pencil with attached eraser patented (Hyman L Lipman of Phila)
1867 – US buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000 (2 cents an acre – Seward’s Folly)
1870 – 15th Amendment to the US constitution is adopted, guarantees right to vote regardless of race
1911 – Lötschberg tunnel in Switzerland (13,735 m) completed
1919 – Gandhi announces resistance against Rowlatt Act
1935 – Newfoundland changes time to 3½ hrs W of Greenwich, repeats 44 sec
1950 – Phototransistor invention announced, Murray Hill, NJ
1953 – Albert Einstein announces revised unified field theory
1972 – North Vietnamese troops enter South Vietnam
1976 – Israel kills 6 Palestinians protesting land confiscation
1981 – Pres Reagan shot & wounded by John W Hinckley III
1991 – Last issue of Dutch Newspaper “Vr˜e Folk” (Free People)
2006 – Marcos Pontes is the first Brazilian astronaut in space


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