How to start this. I have some friends on FB, yeah. That are having an issue between each other, and one side is posting their side of the issue. The other finally posted their side of the issue. Now then, there are still shades of gray and I don’t know all of the information. So while I want to be supportive to my friends, both of them, I stay the hell out of it.

Now then, I still like the both of them. However I’m not taking sides. They each have their opinion that is valid for them. And I understand both sides, benefit of being a therapist. However, not my monkeys and definitely not my circus! yep! I love that quote! says me a lot of headaches and stress!

Moral of the story: keep the issues between the two people. If you have a problem with one person, take it off social media and deal with it like an adult. Talk rationally, both of you are entitled to your opinions, right or wrong, they are valid. If you can’t come up with a solution, here’s one: Stop talking to each other.

And this is my opinion! I still care about you both, but I’m staying out of the middle of this! I’ve got enough stuff in my own life to deal with. And no, I don’t post everything, because honestly, not everybody needs to know my stuff! Okie dokies then. xoxo


And now I want to find this on a charm to add to my bracelet!