So for a new type of blog entry and to make you look forward to Monday’s. I’m going to start with some of my make up tips. As an ex-Avon person, and years of doing make overs and also applying peoples makeup for money; proms, weddings, special events.
I kind of know what I’m talking about. lol 😉 

anywho…. I love Urban Decay’s primer for eyeshadow, what I don’t like is the price. So what to do? Well, I use my old MAC Paint Pots. They come in a variety of colors as well, so if you really want that shadow to Pop, then you layer on the paint color first and then the eyeshadow over it.

My theme today was gold!

One of the Betsey Johnson necklaces from hubs and a pretty sparkly golden top he surprised me with.

unnamed (11)

Next up after foundation, blush, etc… time for the eyes.
And this is my MAC paint pot Rubenesque- a really pretty gold with a slight pink tint to it as well.

unnamed (12)

Okay opened it up, so hopefully you can see the slight pink tint to it.

unnamed (14)

I then used one of my gold eyeshadows and viola!
FYI, it’s really difficult to take a pic while your eyes are closed… LOL
& yes, I know those eyebrows need tweaked. 😉

unnamed (15)

And then for the lips, some gold MAC-Which is called Bronze Shimmer. And then the gloss is from Covergirl- less expensive than the MAC gloss and less gloppy IMO! Covergirl #630- Give Me Guava.
Which is a combination of pink and gold.

unnamed (13)

and this is a lesson, always remember to use your lip pencil. LOL but I love the pinky gold!! 😀
next week, I’ll show you the difference a lip pencil makes. 😉

unnamed (16)


and today’s inspiration was by this lil cutie!

#tokidoki Unicorno

unnamed (17)