On the way home from work last night, hubs had to pull over. I got sick. 😦

Then around one o’clock I was finally able to get some sleep…for about an hour. And then I woke up crying. Took another migraine pill and waited and waited…. finally conked out and slept for two hours…UGH!

I had to call in to work today, I just couldn’t go. Not enough sleep, and couldn’t concentrate. Hubs was finally able to get me to the car, and kept it nice and frigid for me. We used a black net to keep me in the dark. Thankfully the CBOC- VA mini office in Muncie has the shots that work on me. I didn’t feel like waiting four hours at the Marion VA, when the CBOC knows the 411, and as soon as they saw me, I got the shot!

Hubs took me to get some food, and then allowed me to rest while he ran a few errands. When he got back I was feeling better. We did some other errands while in Muncie. And then came home, where I was finally able to get some sleep. Tomorrow I have another VA appointment, my migraines have been more frequent lately. I’ve been able to get through some of them, but the one I’ve had since last night…I don’t want any more of those!

For those of you that don’t suffer migraines, yay! For those of you that have a clue what I’ve gone through, yeah! This wasn’t pretty. My eyes still hurt and are puffy from the crying, my throat is sore well from-you know. Thank goodness Hubs knows how to take care of me when I’m hurting like this.

But I’m feeling better now. Going to have some more yummy water, mm. And try to just be for a bit.

so that’s why the COTD and the IOTD are late.

take care