That’s right it’s our anniversary and we planned to have it on June 21st, as it is the longest day of the year! Patrick and I have been married for sixteen years, and we’ve known each seven years before we got married. Wow! 23 years with him!! I’m lucky!

and now to share my present from him. It started a month ago… we have a jeweler that is fantastic with taking an idea and making it come to life. Patrick commissioned him a month ago. 😉

Yesterday I got a box! yep! Wasn’t allowed to open it. lol

unnamed (7)

This morning he distracted me with a bigger box, that I was allowed to open, yeah. No pic as I ripped it up before he could take a photo. lol

This was inside the bigger box!!

unnamed (2)

a Betsey Johnson Bubblegum purse! squee! How cute!!! 😀 ❤

and then finally show time, and I got to open my other box!!

And I went speechless and starting crying…


The combined shield, Superman and Wonder Woman. He’s my Superman, and I’m his Wonder Woman! aww I know! Sappy but it’s true! 😉

The diamond’s and the gold are from our two original wedding bands, we’ve both lost weight and he decided to use them in this new wedding band for me! Now that’s romantic, I don’t care who you are! lol

unnamed (1)

Yep, looks good!! 😀 ❤
Ps- it’s very difficult to take a pic like this, I’ll have him take one later. 😉 he’s at work right now.

till later