Monday, the 29th of June, 2015 is the 180th day in 2015 and in the 27th calendar week.
General Events:
Hug Holiday 2015
June 29, 2015 in the World
Hug Holiday is celebrated on June 29. 2015 and is a day to encourage people to hug those who need attention. Especially elderly, sick or invalid and lonely people sure will be thankful for some good feelings provided by a caring hug. A hug is a form of physical intimacy at which two people put their arms around each other and hold each other closely. If more than two people are involved it is called groups hug. It has been scientifically proven that hugs have positive effects on health. Studies have shown that hugging can result in reduced blood pressure, and has a preventive effect against depression. So on Hug Holiday, go out and hug your loved ones!
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Please Take My Children to Work Day
June 29, 2015 in the World
June 29, 2015 is the 13th annual “Please Take My Children to Work Day,” a holiday for part- and full-time stay-at-home mothers. Moms with youthful children don’t get time off work taking care of them Please Take My Children To Work Day was produced to boost awareness that moms need their very own quality and holiday period while other grown ups take care of their kids.
Moms around the world are encouraged to take the day off, or at least part of it, by finding a relative, neighbor, friend or babysitter to take care of the kids.
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National Buttercrunch Day
June 29, 2015 in the USA
This unofficial national food holiday celebrates this toffee candy. Buttercrunch is a combination of toffee, covered with chocolate. It has a crunchy texture and a caramel flavor. Variations on the recipe include toasted almond sprinkles.
Making buttercrunch calls for a good candy thermometer and some cooking experience. Creating the toffee involves caramelizing sugar at high temperatures, which requires precision, timing and the right tools and safety techniques for a successful outcome. Buttercrunch can be served on top of ice cream, or on it’s own. Buttercrunch flavored cookies or cakes are other ways to enjoy the sweet treat.
The beginning of National Buttercrunch day is not well documented. However, a related food holiday, National Almond Butter Crunch Day is celebrated on June 29th. The crunchy candy, sometimes called just buttercrunch but other times referred to as almond buttercrunch, was made famous in World War II. A buttercrunch candy called Almond Roca, made by Brown and Haley was shipped in tins to U.S. troops overseas.
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Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 29th June:
512 – A solar eclipse is recorded by a monastic chronicler in Ireland
1534 – Jacques Cartier discovers Prince Edward Islands Canada
1613 – Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burns down
1682 – Sofia names herself regent of Russia
1767 – British pass Townshend Revenue Act levying taxes on America
1786 – Alexander Macdonell and over five hundred Roman Catholic highlanders leave Scotland to settle in Glengarry County, Ontario
1854 – Netherlands allows corporal punishment
1858 – Treaty of Algun, China cedes north bank of Amur River to Russia
1888 – First (known) recording of classical music made, Handel’s Israel in Egypt on wax cylinder
1895 – Doukhobors burn their weapons as a protest against conscription by the Tsarist Russian government
1900 – The Imperial Chinese Court issues what is essentially a declaration of war against the foreigners in China and blames hostilities on them, giving license to Boxers for even greater ferocity
1913 – The attack by Bulgarian General Michael Savov on Greek and Serbian positions leads to beginning of the second Balkan War
1918 – A provisional government opposed to the Bolsheviks establishes itself at Vladivostok, the Russian port on the Sea of Japan
1922 – France grants 1 km² at Vimy Ridge “freely, and for all time, to the Government of Canada, the free use of the land exempt from all taxes.”
1927 – First test of Wallace Turnbull’s controllable pitch propeller.
1932 – USSR & China sign non-aggression treaty
1940 – Batman Comics, mobsters rubbed out a circus highwire team known as the Flying Graysons, leaving their son Dick (Robin) an orphan
1946 – Black Sabbath-Brits arrest 2,700 Jews in Palestine as alleged terrorist
1946 – British mandatory government of Palestine arrests 100 leaders of Yishnuv
1964 – Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed after 83-day filibuster in Senate
1967 – Israel removes barricades, re-unifying Jerusalem
1972 – Supreme Court rules (5-4) that death penalty is cruel & unusual
1976 – The Seychelles become independent from the United Kingdom.
1989 – The National Party adopts a five year programme of its objectives which included a political “reform” plan to give South Africa’s Black majority a role in national as well as local government spheres; the African National Congress (ANC) said that it would consider nothing less than a one-man, one-vote system
1992 – 2 earthquakes including 7.4 hits southern Calif
1996 – Superman’s Action Comic #1 (1938) auctioned at Sotheby at $61,900
2000 – Eminem’s mother goes to court claiming defamation of character in a $10 million civil suit, after taking exception to the line “My mother smokes more dope than I do” from her son’s single ‘My Name Is’