so I’ve had a family emergency! Not good! Not completely horrid, but yeah, still a big issue.

We’re looking for the silver lining, and I’ve come up with some good ones. But yeah…

anywho, when I’m able to think completely, and more positively than I am now, I’ll explain more. Until then… I’ll do what I do. Thank you for to those that have sent me email’s, PM’s on facebook and twitter! They are really appreciated. For those of you posting Kavan on my Facebook wall to cheer me up, Ya’ll are Awesome!! It’s working! 😉

to my boss that has been extremely supportive, thank you! I’m leaving early today to take care of some more stuff. Normally I can just leave personal stuff at the door. Not at this time. So I’m not fully present at work. Which I don’t like, and asked for half the day off, he agreed! Yay!


Check it! Thumbs up for ya’ll awesome, smiling to say thank you! And woot! It’s Kavan Smith for me! lol I crack myself up. My personal strength, my sense of humor! 😀