So here’s that blog entry I’ve been thinking of doing. Writing it out is helpful to me.

On Thursday, hubs was fired from his job. Why? Because he did a nice thing.

If you have the walgreens app, there are special online/app only coupons. Well this gentleman came into the store and didn’t have the coupon, nor the app. Hubs and I both have the app. So he downloaded the coupon and put the code in for the gentleman. He and I weren’t going to use the coupon, so no double dipping. He was ensuring good customer service. Well two weeks after the event, and his boss fired him! And this was over a $5 dollar coupon. Yeah! He was taking care of the customer-good customer service, and we weren’t going to use the code. So what is the big deal? I still don’t know.

I have a few theories, since this new manager arrived, she has been out to get rid of people that work there. The one’s that have been there for a while and make more than the minimum wage. She has stated again and again, that she doesn’t care about the customer, she only cares that her store is making profit. *A manager who works for Walgreens gets a nice bonus check. Hence her not caring about the customers! There are two other employees still there that she has written up, and yes, they are both worried about being fired now too. Seems to me the person that needs replaced is not the employees!  In the field of retail business, you do what is right for the customer, and then that person tells others and viola. New customers. You do what is right for the customer and you get repeat business. We ran into this gentleman the other day and when he found out why Patrick was fired, well yeah. He was upset to say the least. He’s going to be calling 1-800-WalGreens to file a customer complaint. I’m fine with that! I’ll post the store number and the managers name for anyone that wants it? LOL Okay maybe not her full name, but I can post her first name, that is public knowledge! I asked for her supervisor’s name and get this; they refused to tell me! Huh? Does that sound suspicious to you too?

So at the moment, we’re okay. This is a chance for something better to happen for him. This manager was always making his job difficult. Actually she makes everyone’s job difficult. And the person she reports to, has a mouth on him. This other manager has always been verbally abusive to employees and customers alike. I’m still trying to figure out how he has his job. Over the past six years hubs has worked there at this store, he has gone above his duties. Working on his off days when asked to, when a fellow co-worker had an emergency.

Wow! So you fire the one employee that not only did his job, took care of the customers, and flexible enough to cover shifts when needed. Yeah, this makes no sense to us, and some of my friends that I have spoken to. Thank you for understanding why I was cranky and upset…

Anywho, we’re working on some things, we have to go see some people this week. Sign a few forms and then maybe we’ll be fine. Well we’ll be fine, no matter what. I’m just getting depressed over some things that I have no control over. And I’m practicing radical acceptance. But yeah, it’s not easy. We’ve both made lists of what we can and can’t do. I’m a type A, I like lists!

So instead of doing one of those go fund us or something like that. We’ve decided to discount a few services most people don’t know we do. Patrick is offering Tarot readings at $5. He has done online readings for people too, and we both have paypal accounts. I’m going to be offering some Aura readings, tarot readings, and protection bags. I’ll also be posting some box sets and dolls on Amazon. The dolls are all MIB=mint in box. The box sets are used, but still in good box shape.  I can post the links when I have them, if you have my email and want to negotiate off Amazon, let me know.

Anyway please feel free to send prayers, good vibes, and hugs to us both! We’ll definitely accept them.
Have a great day!