Let’s be happy today! smile-01

No, I’m not at SDCC. LOL 😀 but I have friends that have gone, and I might get a few goodies…. pretty please, I’ve been good. I promise! 😉 But otherwise, I’m enjoying the pix that they are sharing on Social Media, it’s almost like being there, without the crowds. Woot!

Once again, it’s about perspective. 😉 dang that pesky perspective. lol So I’m in rainy, rainy, yep rainy Indiana. But on the other hand, I’m not fighting a humongous crowd in SDCC. I get to see all the pretties, and hear/well read, all the good stuff, and I’m not fighting a humongous crowd.

Plus at the end of the month, it’s Gen Con! WooHOOOO! and that’s why my background is full of dice. Get it? LOL 😀


Dude! a chainmail dice bag! omg! 😉