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Major Evan Lorne

a select few will understand the significance of this IOTD. 😀 

Calendar day; July 22, 2015

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 Wednesday, the 22nd of July, 2015 is the 203th day in 2015 and in the 30th calendar week.
General Events:
Pi Approximation Day
July 22, 2015 in the World
Pi Approximation Day is celebrated on July 22, 2015. Pi Approximation Day is observed on July 22, since the fraction 22?7 is a common approximation of Pi. The number Pi is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is approximately equal to 3.14159. It has been represented by a Greek letter since the mid-18th century. Being an irrational number, Pi cannot be expressed exactly as a ratio of any two integers. Consequently, its decimal representation never ends and never settles into a permanent repeating pattern.
A fraction represents a part of a whole or, more generally, any number of equal parts. When spoken in everyday English, a fraction describes how many parts of a certain size there are, for example, one-half, eight-fifths, three-quarters. A common, vulgar, or simple fraction consists of an integer numerator, displayed above a line (or before a slash), and a non-zero integer denominator, displayed below (or after) that line.
An approximation is anything that is similar but not exactly equal to something else. The term can be applied to various properites (e.g. value, quantity, image, description) that are nearly but not exactly correct; similar, but not exactly the same. Although approximation is most often applied to numbers, it is also frequently applied to such things as mathematical functions, shapes, and physical laws.
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Hammock Day 2015
July 22, 2015 in the World
Hammock Day takes place on July 22, 2015. A hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope, or netting, suspended between two points, used for swinging, sleeping, or resting. It normally consists of one or more cloth panels, or a woven network of twine or thin rope stretched with ropes between two firm anchor points such as trees or posts. The hammock is often seen as symbol of summer, leisure, relaxation and simple, easy living.
Hammocks were developed by native inhabitants of Central and South America for sleeping. Later, they were used aboard ships by sailors to enable comfort and maximize available space, and by explorers or soldiers traveling in wooded regions and eventually by parents in the 1920s for containing babies just learning to crawl. Today they are popular around the world for relaxation; they are also used as a lightweight bed on camping trips.
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Spooners (Spoonerism) Day
July 22, 2015 in the World
July 22nd is Spooner’s Day, named after Reverend William Archibald Spooner (born at London, England, July 22, 1844, warden of New College, Oxford, 1903–24, died at Oxford, England, Aug 29, 1930) who had the terrible habit with the ‘slip of his tongue’. No, he wasn’t saying bad words, he just wasn’t saying the words in the right order. Instead of saying, ‘There goes a bunny rabbit, ‘Spooner would often slip and say, ‘There goes a runny babbit.’
A day to remember the scholarly man whose accidental transpositions gave us blushing crow (for crushing blow), tons of soil (for sons of toil), queer old dean (for dear old queen), swell foop (for fell swoop) and half-warmed fish (for half-formed wish).
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Ratcatcher’s Day (22 July)
July 22, 2015 in the World
Ratcatcher’s Day, Rat-catcher’s Day or Rat Catcher’s Day is celebrated on 26 June or 22 July, commemorating the myth of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The town of Hamelin in Germany uses the June date. The confusion of dates is because the Brothers Grimm cite 26 June 1284 as the date the Pied Piper led the children out of the town, while the poem by Robert Browning gives it as 22 July 1376. It is a holiday remembering rat-catchers, similar to Secretary’s Day.
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Historical Events on 22nd July:
1099 – First Crusade: Godfrey of Bouillon is elected the first Defender of the Holy Sepulchre of The Kingdom of Jerusalem
1456 – Battle at Nandorfehervar (Belgrade): Hungarian army under Janos Hunyadi beats sultan Murad II
1484 – Battle of Lochmaben Fair – a 500-man raiding party led by Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany and James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas are defeated by Scots forces loyal to Albany’s brother James III of Scotland; Douglas is captured
1515 – First Congress of Vienna settles issues between Poland & Holy Roman Empire – rise of the Habsburgs influence
1632 – Foundation laid in Madrid for Buen Retiro-palace for king Philip IV
1648 – 10,000 Jews of Polannoe murdered in Chmielnick massacre during Khmelnytsky Uprising
1793 – Alexander Mackenzie reaches the Pacific Ocean becoming the first Euro-American to complete a transcontinental crossing of Canada
1812 – Duke of Wellington defeats French at Battle of Salamanca, Spain
1898 – Crew of Belgium RV Belgica see 1st sunrise in 1600 hrs – 1st expedition to endure Antarctic winter
1912 – In the face of ever-increasing German naval power, the British Admiralty decides to recall British warships from the Mediterranean and base them in the North Sea
1916 – A bomb went off during a Preparedness Day parade in SF killing 10
1918 – Lightning kills 504 sheep in Utah’s Wasatch National Park
1933 – 1st solo flight round the world 7d 19hrs (Wiley Post)
1940 – Dutch prime minister De Geer meets Hitler seeking peace talks
1950 – King Leopold returns to Belgium after 6 years in exile
1952 – Poland adopts Communist-imposed Constitution
1963 – Sarawak achieves independence from British colonial rule
1967 – Jimi Hendrix quits as opening act of the Monkees’ tour
1972 – Venera 8 makes soft landing on Venus
1975 – US House of Representives votes to restore citizenship to General Robert E. Lee
1983 – Poland’s PM Januzelski lifts martial law
1988 – 500 US scientists pledge to boycott Pentagon germ-warfare research
1997 – Fire breaks out at Palais de Chaillot in Paris
1997 – The first shipments of oil produced from Kazakhstan’s Tengiz field arrive at terminals on the Black Sea for subsequent export through the Bosphoros Strait
2002 – Israel assassinates Salah Shahade, the Commander-in-Chief of Hamas’s military arm, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, along with 14 civilians
2003 – Members of 101st Airborne of the United States, aided by Special Forces, attack a compound in Iraq, killing Saddam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay, along with Mustapha Hussein, Qusay’s 14-year old son, and a bodyguard
2011 – Norway is the victim of twin terror attacks, the first being a bomb blast which targeted government buildings in central Oslo, the second being a massacre at a youth camp on the island of Utøya


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