and I’m getting in the mood for my favorite season of the year, Fall! (^.^) (emote pumpkin) LOL

I am an Autumn person, I love the chillier days, not to cold, and not to hot. 😉 Time to watch the leaves turn and then fall. Time to get the firepit out and unwind on Friday nights watching the flames. Ahhh!

Yep, I’m one of those! lol 😉


I love this!


Want to see what season you might be? and I’m happy with my result: AUTUMN! 😉

You are Autumn! You love the cozy clothes, warm drinks, and the crisp autumn leaves. You are intellectual and enjoy a good book. You also have a creative side and the beautiful fall scenery serves as inspiration for you.

Yep, I think this fits me to a tee! 😀 ❤ Fall!

What Season are you?