Friday, the 28th of August, 2015 is the 240th day in 2015 and in the 35th calendar week.
General Events:
Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day
August 28, 2015 in the World
It’s almost unresistable – when your computer is slow to load, and when you’re waiting for something to happen, you can’t resist the urge to play with the mouse and the cursor.
Whether you’re procrastinating, plain bored or it’s actually one of your favourite sporting activities (if so, you should probably re-evaluate a few things… just saying), then this day is your day to go nuts.
Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day embraces this, and encourages you to go crazy with your cursor!
Where is the event?
Radio Commercials Day
August 28, 2015 in the USA
Radio commercials are often seen as an irritation to be endured while waiting for some music to come on, but they have been part of the entertainment business for nearly a century and provide employment for many people. Radio Commercials Day commemorates the day when the very first radio commercial was broadcast on New York station, WEAF. This took place on August 28th 1922 and was for an American estate agent, Queensboro Realty. It wasn’t until 1973 that the UK had its first radio commercial, which ran on LBC and promoted Birds Eye frozen food. Many early radio commercials can be found online, and a great way to celebrate Radio Commercials Day is to listen to a few and be transported back in time. Alternatively, track down some radio commercials from around the world and be entertained by the huge variety of tone and style that are used in radio adverts from different countries.
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 28th August:
1542 – Turkish-Portuguese War (1538-1557) – Battle of Wofla: the Portuguese are scattered, their leader Christovão da Gama is captured and afterwards executed.
1565 – Oldest city in the US, St Augustine Fla, established
1609 – Henry Hudson, discovers & explores Delaware Bay
1789 – William Herschel discovers Saturn’s moon Enceladus
1837 – Pharmacists John Lea & William Perrins manufacture Worcestershire Sauce
1859 – A geomagnetic storm causes the Aurora Borealis to shine so brightly that it is seen clearly over parts of USA, Europe, and even as far afield as Japan
1864 – The first Geneva Convention, governing rules of warfare, signed by 26 nations
1867 – United States occupy Midway Islands in the Pacific
1898 – Caleb Bradham renames his carbonated soft drink “Pepsi-Cola”.
1913 – Queen Wilhelmina opens Peace Palace in The Hague
1924 – Georgian opposition stages the August Uprising against the Soviet Union
1937 – Toyota Motors becomes an independent company
1952 – German & Israeli reach accord about recovery payments
1963 – Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his “I have a dream speech” addressing civil rights march at Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
1973 – India & Pakistan sign POW accord
1981 – National Centers for Disease Control announces high incidence of Pneumocystis & Kaposi’s sarcoma in gay men
1986 – US Navy officer Jerry A Whitworth sentenced to 365 years for spying
1993 – Dam breaks in Qinghai West China, 223 killed
1997 – Belgian amusement park riders were stuck upside down for 90 minutes
1998 – Pakistan’s National Assembly passes a constitutional amendment to make the “Qur’an and Sunnah” the “supreme law” but the bill is defeated in the Senate
2003 – An electricity blackout cuts off power to around 500,000 people living in south east England and brings 60% of London’s underground rail network to a halt