Thursday, the 10th of September, 2015 is the 253th day in 2015 and in the 37th calendar week.
General Events:
World Suicide Prevention Day
September 10, 2015 in the World
World Suicide Prevention Day is held on September 10, 2015. It is an awareness day which is observed every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world. The observance is endorsed by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The World Suicide Prevention Day was founded in 2003
Suicide is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death. Suicide is often committed out of despair, or attributed to some underlying mental disorder which includes depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug abuse. Pressures or misfortunes such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships may play a significant role. Over one million people die by suicide every year. The WHO estimates that it is the thirteenth-leading cause of death worldwide and the National Safety Council rates it sixth in the United States. It is a leading cause of death among teenagers and adults under 35. The rate of suicide is higher in men than in women. There are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year worldwide.
Suicide prevention is an umbrella term for the collective efforts of local citizen organizations, mental health practitioners and related professionals to reduce the incidence of suicide. Such efforts include preventive and proactive measures within the realms of medicine and mental health, as well as public health and other fields. Suicide prevention interventions fall into two broad categories: prevention targeted at the level of the individual and prevention targeted at the level of the population.
Where is World Suicide Prevention Day?
Jeûne genevois
September 10, 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland
Jeûne genevois takes place on September 10, 2015. Jeûne genevois (meaning Genevan fast) is a public holiday in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland which occurs on the Thursday following the first Sunday of September. It dates back to the 16th century. The religious fasting of Jeûne genevois is not widely followed. Plum pie is often served as dessert in Geneva homes on Jeûne genevois. Banks and post offices along with many shops, restaurants and bars close for the day. However, unlike Thanksgiving in the U.S., which also falls on a Thursday, a four-day weekend is not wontedly taken and most businesses are open on Friday.
Where is Jeûne genevois?
Nationwide Geneva, Switzerland
Gibraltar National Day
September 10, 2015 in Gibraltar
Gibraltar National Day is celebrated on September 10, 2015. Gibraltar National Day is the official national day of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. The day commemorates Gibraltar’s first sovereignty referendum of 1967, in which Gibraltarian voters were asked whether they wished to either pass under Spanish sovereignty, or remain under British sovereignty, with institutions of self-government. The official Gibraltar National Day events begin with a children’s fancy dress competition followed by a street party. Later a selected school choir sings songs with a Gibraltar theme. This is followed by the main event, the Mayor’s recitation of the names of the recipients of the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour and the reading of the Gibraltar National Day Declaration. This is followed by the traditional release from atop the Parliament building of 30,000 red and white balloons, representing Gibraltar’s population, which has featured on this day since 1992. A funday for children featuring bouncy castles and fairground rides is then held. There is live music is played all afternoon at Governor’s Parade and the Rock on the Rock Club, all free of charge. The day culminates with a fireworks display released from the Detached Mole in the Gibraltar Harbour at night followed by a rock concert.
Where is Gibraltar National Day?
Nationwide Gibraltar
Swap Ideas Day
September 10, 2015 in the World
Swap Ideas Day is observed on September 10, 2015. The day encourages you to share ideas. Ideas are often construed as mental representational images; i.e., images of some object. In other contexts, ideas are taken to be concepts, although abstract concepts do not necessarily appear as images.
Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. In a popular sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking or serious reflection, for example, when we talk about the idea of a person or a place.
Where is the event?
National TV Dinner Day
September 10, 2015 in the USA
A new product, called “TV Dinners” was introduced by C.A. Swanson & Sons in 1953.  This changed the prepackaged meal industry forever.  Every year on September 10, we commemorate the “TV Dinner” on National TV Dinner Day.
In 1962, Swanson stopped using the name “TV Dinner” however, in the United States, the term remains synonymous with any prepackaged dinner that is purchased frozen from a store and heated at home.
The first Swanson TV Dinner consisted of a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, cornbread dressing, peas and sweet potatoes.  The original tray was made of aluminum and each food item had it’s own compartment.  The dinner had to be heated in the oven and took about 25 minutes to cook.   Today most frozen food trays are made of microwaveable safe material.
The original product sold for 98 cents and the production estimate for the first year was 5,000 dinners.  To their surprise, Swanson far exceeded that amount and in the first year, sold more than 10 million of them.
1960 – Swanson added deserts  to a new four-compartment tray.
1973 – The first Swanson Hungry-Man dinners were marketed; these were larger portions of its regular dinner products.
1986 – The original Swanson TV Dinner tray was inducted, by the Smithsonian Institute, into the Museum of American History.
Much has changed since the original TV Dinner and they also remain a popular choice for a fast and convenient meal and fun to eat in front of the TV!
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 10th September:
1547 – English demand Edward VI, 10, wed Mary Queen of Scots, 5
1823 – Simon Bolivar named president of Peru
1846 – Elias Howe patents sewing machine
1870 – Dutch Jurist Cooperation forms
1882 – 1st international conference to promote anti-semitism meets Dresden Germany (Congress for Safeguarding of Non-Jewish Interests)
1894 – London taxi driver George Smith is first fined for drunk driving
1898 – Empress Elizabeth of Austria is assassinated by Luigi Lucheni
1910 – Great Idaho Fire destroys 3 million acres of timber
1924 – Leopold & Loeb found guilty of murder
1931 – Lord Cecil of British government says War was never so improbable
1945 – Mike the Headless Chicken is decapitated in Fruita, Colorado; he survives for another 18 months before choking to death
1953 – Swanson sells it’s 1st “TV dinner”
1964 – Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) forms
1974 – Portugal recognizes independence of Rep of Guinea-Bissau
1977 – Hamida Djandoubi, convicted for torture and murder, is the last person to be executed by Guillotine in France
1990 – Ellis Island reopens as a museum
1992 – Lucy in Peanuts comics raises her Pyschiatric Help from 5 cents to 47 cents
1993 – Israel & PLO sign joint recognition statements
2002 – Switzerland, traditionally a neutral country, joins the United Nations
2008 – The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, described as the biggest scientific experiment in the history of mankind is powered up in Geneva, Switzerland