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Calendar day; October 6, 2015

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Tuesday, the 6th of October, 2015 is the 279th day in 2015 and in the 41st calendar week.
General Events:
Physician Assistant Day
October 6, 2015 in the World
Physician Assistant Day is celebrated on October 06, 2015. A physician assistant or associate (PA) is a healthcare professional who is licensed to practice medicine as part of a team with physicians. Physician assistants are concerned with preventing and treating human illness and injury by providing a broad range of health care services under the direction of a physician or surgeon.
Physician assistants conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, prescribe medications, counsel on preventive health care and may assist in surgery. They work in hospitals, clinics and other types of health facilities, or in academic administration, and exercise autonomy in medical decision making.
Where is the event?
Mad Hatter Day
October 6, 2015 in the World
Mad Hatter Day is observed on October 06, 2015. It was introduced in 1986 by a group of computer people in Boulder, Co and is a day to be silly and celebrate silliness. The Hatter is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. He is often referred to as the Mad Hatter. The card or label on the Hatter’s hat reads “In this style 10/6”, which refers to 10 shillings and six pence, the price of the hat in pre-decimalized British money. That’s why the Mad Hatter Day is celebrated on October 6.
“Mad as a hatter” is a colloquial phrase used in conversation to refer to a crazy person. In 18th and 19th century England mercury was used in the production of felt, which was used in the manufacturing of hats common of the time. People who worked in these hat factories were exposed daily to trace amounts of the metal, which accumulated within their bodies over time, causing some workers to develop dementia caused by mercury poisoning. Thus, the phrase became popular as a way to refer to someone who was perceived as insane.
Where is the event?
German-American Day
October 6, 2015 in the USA
The German-American Day is celebrated on October 06, 2015. It is a day to celebrate the German American heritage. The German-American Day is celebrated annually and commemorates the date in 1683 when 13 German families from Krefeld near the Rhine landed in Philadelphia.
These families subsequently founded Germantown, Pennsylvania, the first German settlement in the original thirteen American colonies. Originally celebrated in the nineteenth century, German-American Day died out in World War I as a result of the anti-German sentiment that prevailed at the time. The holiday was revived in 1983.
In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October 6th as German-American Day to celebrate and honor the 300th anniversary of German American immigration and culture to the United States.
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Come and Take it Day
October 6, 2015 in Texas
While some people might believe this holiday’s originality came from a movie called, ‘Come and Take It Day,’ which was released in 2001. Actually this day originated in a town called Gonzales located in Texas, which commemorates the firing of the first shot of the Texas Revolution on October 2nd 1835.
In early January 1831, Green DeWitt wrote to Ramón Músquiz, the top political official of Bexar, and requested armament for defense of the colony of Gonzales. This request was granted by delivery of a small used cannon. The small bronze cannon was received by the colony and signed for on March 10, 1831, by James Tumlinson, Jr. The swivel cannon was mounted to a blockhouse in Gonzales, Texas and later was the object of Texas pride. At the minor skirmish known as the Battle of Gonzales—the first battle of the Texas Revolution against Mexico—a small group of Texans successfully resisted the Mexican forces who had orders from Col. Domingo de Ugartechea to seize their cannon. As a symbol of defiance, the Texans had fashioned a flag containing the phrase “come and take it” along with a black star and an image of the cannon which they had received four years earlier from Mexican officials. This was the same message that was sent to the Mexican government when they told the Texans that they had to return their cannon; failure to comply with the Mexicans’ original demands led to the failed attempt by the Mexican military to forcefully take back the cannon.
Replicas of the original flag can be seen in the Texas State Capitol, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, the Sam Houston State University CJ Center, the University of Texas at El Paso Library, the Marine Military Academy headquarters building, the Hockaday School Hoblitzelle Auditorium, and in Perkins Library at Duke University.
Where is the event?
Nationwide Texas
Historical Events on 6th October:
105 BC – Battle of Arausio: The Cimbri inflict the heaviest defeat on the Roman army of Gnaeus Mallius Maximus
1683 – 13 Mennonite families from Germany found Germantown Pa (Phila)
1783 – Benjamin Hanks patents self-winding clock
1849 – The execution of the 13 Martyrs of Arad after the Hungarian war of independence
1854 – The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead started shortly after midnight, leading to 53 deaths and hundreds injured
1889 – Moulin Rogue opens in Paris
1893 – Nabisco Foods invents Cream of Wheat
1908 – Austria annexes Bosnia & Herzegovina
1917 – In the final attack on Third Battle of Ypres, Canadian troops capture the village of Passchendaele, after 250,000 casualties on both sides
1922 – The great powers of the first world war withdraw from Istanbul
1927 – “Jazz Singer,” 1st movie with a sound track, premieres (NYC)
1939 – Hitler announces plans to regulate Jewish problem
1945 – Tavern owner “Billy Goat” Sianis buys seat for his goat for Game 4 of World Series & is escorted out, he casts goat curse on Cubs
1948 – The 1948 Ashgabat earthquake kills 100,000 in the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic.
1948 – Paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey finds the first partial fossil skull of Proconsul africanus, an ancestor of apes and humans on Rusinga Island, Kenya
1956 – Dr Albert Sabin discovers oral polio vaccine
1961 – JFK advises Americans to build fallout shelters
1966 – Partial meltdown at Detroits’s Fermi 1 nuclear reactor
1976 – “Gang of Four” arrested in Beijing
1980 – Guyana adopts constitution
1995 – 51 Pegasi was discovered to be the first major star apart from the Sun to have a planet (and extrasolar planet) orbiting around it


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