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My desk top wallpaper, isn’t it nice? 😀 ❤

tra la la laaaaaa

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okay to combat the negativity on some social media sites-cough cough– Face book. I have been posting some funny stuff on my instagram account, why there? because honestly-some of my friends on FB are easily offended. I know, right? my friends?  but to avoid that, yeah. they are on my IG account. seems they are re-tweeted a lot on Twitter too. tweet tweet. lol 😀



Thank the Goddess


I have some vacation time coming up. My motivation is sorely lacking at the mo… 😦

I’ve got a huge list of things I need done both personally and for work and I’m feeling overwhelmed, which is bad for the Doc’s orders of Stay Calm and don’t stress. 😦

I need to somehow return a lot of phone calls this morning… wish me luck, I’ve got back to back appointments already, and then a lot of email’s to reply to. A few ppl think I’m mad at them, because I haven’t replied. OI! no. I’m just flippin’ busy in my life right now.

I rarely whine, but right now…W H I N E…someone send me some cheese. LOL ah I still have that quirky sense of humor. 😉

take care and have an awesome day!


IOTD special to me edition

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Calendar day; October 15, 2015

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Thursday, the 15th of October, 2015 is the 288th day in 2015 and in the 42nd calendar week.
General Events:
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
October 15, 2015 in the World
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day takes place on October 15, 2015. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance for pregnancy loss and infant death, which includes but is not limited to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or the death of a newborn. It is observed annually in the United States and Canada and, in recent years, in the United Kingdom and in the Australian States of Western Australia and New South Wales, in Italy on behalf of a charity named Piccoli Angeli on October 15. The day is observed with remembrance ceremonies and candle-lighting vigils, concluding with the International Wave of Light, a worldwide lighting of candles at 7:00 p.m.
Where is the event?
International Day of Rural Women
October 15, 2015 in the World
The first International Day of Rural Women was observed on 15 October 2008. It recognizes “the critical role and contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty.”
Rural women play a critical role in the rural economies of both developed and developing countries. In most parts of the developing world they participate in crop production and livestock care, provide food, water and fuel for their families, and engage in off-farm activities to diversify their families’ livelihoods. In addition, they carry out vital functions in caring for children, older persons and the sick.
“We must enforce and protect the rights of rural women. When women have access to land, there are improvements in household welfare, agricultural productivity and gender equality. And greater progress is made against poverty, gender-based violence and HIV/ AIDS. It makes everybody better off.”
UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
Where is the event?
Global Handwashing Day
October 15, 2015 in the World
Global Handwashing Day is celebrated on October 15, 2015. Global Handwashing Day (GHD) is a campaign to motivate and mobilize millions around the world to wash their hands with soap. The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of handwashing with soap as a key approach to disease prevention.
GHD was created at the annual World Water Week 2008, which was held in Stockholm from August 17 to 23 and initiated by the Public Private Partnership for Handwashing. The first Global Handwashing Day took place on October 15, 2008, the date appointed by the UN General Assembly in accordance with year 2008 as the International Year of Sanitation.
The campaign was initiated to reduce childhood mortality rates related respiratory and diarrheal diseases by introducing simple behavioral changes – hand washing with soap. This simple, accessible action can, according to research, reduce the rate of morality from these diseases by almost 50 per cent.
Where is the event?
Conflict Resolution Day
October 15, 2015 in the USA
Conflict Resolution Day is celebrated on October 15, 2015. Conflict Resolution Day was created by the United States Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) to promote conflict resolution. It is celebrated every year on the third Thursday of October. It was in 2005 that ACR Board of Directors adopted the following initiatives: (1.) to promote awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict in schools, families, businesses, communities, governments and the legal system; (2.) to recognize the significant contributions of peaceful conflict resolvers; and (3.) to encourage celebrations by individuals and organizations around the world.
Where is Conflict Resolution Day?
Nationwide USA
National Grouch Day
October 15, 2015 in the USA
This is a special day for all the grouchy people out there to celebrate. Grouches are typically miserable, grumpy, and irritable. They thrive off of others’ misfortunes, and only then are they “happy”.
National Grouch Day allows all grouches out there to celebrate their way of life. Not a grouch? This day also gives all the normally chipper people a day to complain for once! For those everyday grouches, here are a few ways to live a happier life: do a fun or silly activity, allow yourself only five minutes of negative time, do something to benefit others, or enjoy some healthy foods.
Celebrate National Grouch Day by being pessimistic, cranky, and irritable, and then be nice tomorrow! You can also celebrate by watching an episode of Sesame Street in honor of Oscar the Grouch.
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 15th October:
533 – Byzantine general Belisarius makes his formal entry into Carthage, having conquered it from the Vandals
1582 – Many Catholic countries switch to Gregorian calendar, skip 10 days
1764 – Edward Gibbon observes a group of friars singing in the ruined Temple of Jupiter in Rome, which inspires him to begin work on The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
1846 – Dr William Thomas Green Morton 1st public use of ether
1860 – 11-year-old Grace Bedell writes to Lincoln, tells him to grow a beard
1866 – Great fire in Quebec destroys 2,500 houses
1880 – Koln cathedral completed, 633 years after it begun
1894 – Capt Alfred Dreyfus arrested accused of espionage in France
1904 – The Russians are driven back by the Japanese in the Battle of Shaho; both sides suffer high casualties: Japanese (16,000) and Russians (60,000)
1917 – A Parisian dancer Mata Hari is executed for espionage by the French Government after being convicted of passing military secrets to Germany
1924 – Pres Calvin Coolidge declares Statue of Liberty a national monument
1939 – Yeshiva of Mir closes after 124 years
1941 – Japan Tojo regime forms
1951 – Mexican chemist Luis E. Miramontes synthesized the first oral contraceptive
1951 – “I Love Lucy”, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, debuts on CBS
1954 – Hurricane Hazel strikes US & Canada, 348 die
1969 – Vietnam Moratorium Day; millions nationwide protest the war
1971 – The start of the 2,500-year celebration of Iran, celebrating the birth of Persia
1987 – The Great Storm of 1987 hits France and England
1993 – Amstel brewery on Curacao produces 1,000,000,000th bottle
2005 – Iraqi constitution ratification vote
2011 – Global protests break out in 951 cities in 82 countries

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