NaNo Day one


show of hands; who knew I was going to share this? LOL 😉

Pretty good for day one! Now to keep the momentum going.

write, don’t edit/revise yet… just write it out!! 😀

nano day 1



So it’s official, I’m a NaNoWriMo participant again this year! Woot!

And I just know how much ya’ll loved those lil screen caps of my numbers going across that little bar. I’d hate to disappoint anyone. LOL 😀

So I’ve got a little bit written and hopefully this month will give me the kick in the butt to finally do that sequel for last’s year story!

And a HUGE Thank YOU! to my big brother, Gary Pope aka hulkdaddyg!
who did this years cover art as a huge surprise for me. Yep! Why I haven’t shared it before now, big Bro! 😉 But here is Alexandria in her hybrid uniform. You just had to know that if I have a hybrid character, I’m going to have her in a hybrid uni too! lol

Her eyes are really hard to see, but they are a golden/amber color! She’s wearing a Ki’Taran Patch on her shoulders. And yes, those are thigh high combat boots. yes, I want a pair myself. 😉  She is a Colonel and her degree is in a Medical field so those stripes are a combo red-command and blue-science for a plum strip!! yes, I do think a lot about these things. lol 😉

Hope everyone is looking forward to the sequel as much as I am to writing it.

and who knows, maybe that other ornery lil plot bunny will get it’s interlude story finished too. 😉

my original character, Colonel Alexandria Storm as drawn by the talented, Gary Pope!

My original character, Colonel Alexandria Storm as drawn and colored by the talented, Gary Pope!



unnamed (1)



Yes. That month to see my progress bar again. LOL

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