So it’s official, I’m a NaNoWriMo participant again this year! Woot!

And I just know how much ya’ll loved those lil screen caps of my numbers going across that little bar. I’d hate to disappoint anyone. LOL 😀

So I’ve got a little bit written and hopefully this month will give me the kick in the butt to finally do that sequel for last’s year story!

And a HUGE Thank YOU! to my big brother, Gary Pope aka hulkdaddyg!
who did this years cover art as a huge surprise for me. Yep! Why I haven’t shared it before now, big Bro! 😉 But here is Alexandria in her hybrid uniform. You just had to know that if I have a hybrid character, I’m going to have her in a hybrid uni too! lol

Her eyes are really hard to see, but they are a golden/amber color! She’s wearing a Ki’Taran Patch on her shoulders. And yes, those are thigh high combat boots. yes, I want a pair myself. 😉  She is a Colonel and her degree is in a Medical field so those stripes are a combo red-command and blue-science for a plum strip!! yes, I do think a lot about these things. lol 😉

Hope everyone is looking forward to the sequel as much as I am to writing it.

and who knows, maybe that other ornery lil plot bunny will get it’s interlude story finished too. 😉

my original character, Colonel Alexandria Storm as drawn by the talented, Gary Pope!

My original character, Colonel Alexandria Storm as drawn and colored by the talented, Gary Pope!