Nano mini update

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Woot! I’ve hit my personal word count for the day, I’ve doubled my average word count so far and have 2473 words to go to reach the 15,000 level. Not too shabby for missing two days. However at the mo, I need to switch gears for a bit. I think maybe read for a bit, and then keep going. The story is flowing pretty well, but I am having a few word bubbles. And when that happens, and the thesaurus isn’t helping I need to step back for a bit. And take a reading break.

PS for those that downloaded the Grammarly app for your google, it works in your WordPress site too! 😀 This entry was corrected a few times by the app. 😉

So break time for a bit, and then back to writing. I’ll post a cap later tonight of how I’ve done. 😉

a few helpful sites for nanowrimo

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Grammarly available on the google apps page too! 😉

Writing prompts generator  just in case you need a little help…

Need to get out and meet up with others in your area, for a little social time and support.

Go to the NaNoWriMo page and and click on the regions tab. There are meetups pretty much every weekend during the month of November. 😉

tappity tappity tap and the groove is back on! I’ve written: 2,155 words this morning, and I’m over the 10,000 word count! WOO HOO! 😀

now for a walk around, some coffee and more tappity tappity. FYI a walk is a good way to move your body to stretch it out and get rid of those kinks, as well as get those brain cells going. Well okay, when I’m walking I find that I get a lot of ideas about the next scene and bam! I’m ready to go again. Plus yes. Stretching out those kinks and moving really does help one out. 😉

laters xoxo


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those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it ~~ CHINESE PROVERB ~~


Hint from Hera

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Photo post by @wiccanlez.

Source: Hint from Hera

Good to know! 😉

Thank you!

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thank you

For all my new and old subscribers, ya’ll Rock and you make me very happy!

Thank you very much and have a beautiful day!




So I had two days off NANOWRIMO! the thing to remember if you have to take a day or two off; don’t lose your mind. No seriously, last year I started a week late and had some days where I was unable to write, but I still completed and Won!

This year some things are out of my control; work, my health, the internet, life! Key here is to keep moving on! 😀

so time to write and keep on keeping on. lol (70’s babies will get that!)

IOTD Happy Caturday!

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                                         looking for, my mini me! lol 😉

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