Grammarly available on the google apps page too! 😉

Writing prompts generator  just in case you need a little help…

Need to get out and meet up with others in your area, for a little social time and support.

Go to the NaNoWriMo page and and click on the regions tab. There are meetups pretty much every weekend during the month of November. 😉

tappity tappity tap and the groove is back on! I’ve written: 2,155 words this morning, and I’m over the 10,000 word count! WOO HOO! 😀

now for a walk around, some coffee and more tappity tappity. FYI a walk is a good way to move your body to stretch it out and get rid of those kinks, as well as get those brain cells going. Well okay, when I’m walking I find that I get a lot of ideas about the next scene and bam! I’m ready to go again. Plus yes. Stretching out those kinks and moving really does help one out. 😉

laters xoxo