No screen cap for 11/14/15, I’ve been so busy writing, that I forgot to cap it before midnight…OOPS!

anywho, I’m up to 36,429 words total. I’m getting closer with only 13,571 words left!!

I will meet the word count before the end of the month however the story may not be completed. I’m really enjoying myself this time! I love writing as much as I love reading! Which is to say a lot!! 😀
And yes, I had an outline and I’ve stayed mainly on track with that, but today I started writing spontaneously and it just started flowing. So I’m going with that. Which for a Type A personality is kinda of interesting and funny!
And it’s almost one a.m and I’m going to fix more coffee and keep writing. I just want to get another chapter done before calling it here. 😉