So we’ve decided that food is important and we’re going on a grocery run! We being hubs and I. 😉

I’ve done pretty well so far this morning, I’m at 1,211 words written already- not a lot because I’ve been doing research and translation on English to Latin words. Yes, I do do research on my stories. While I’m not completely 100% accurate, at least I give the research my 100%! 😉

Which leaves me to 3,492 words to WIN! And that is just for the word count! The story is not close to being finished yet. I’m on Chapter Thirty-Five, with 195 pages!

Last year’s story was: 34 Chapters and 216 pages long.

I believe this story will end up longer with more chapters and a higher page count.

I think this year titling the Chapters has not only helped my word count but has increased my ability to keep focused on each chapter. So yay! I like to think that each year I participate in a NaNoWriMo it helps my writing ability. I critique myself and honestly that just helps me become a better writer. 😀

And so now, time to get up stretch and go grocery shopping. I hope you’re having a lovely Friday!