I left a reply to a comment this morning on today’s IOTD. Most of the time, these images are geared towards the COTD aka the Calendar of the Day. But some days, I really need an image that I choose for me. Today is one of those days. I have had a split between the IOTD and IOTD Special Edition. I think I’m going to keep those two separate; making the Special Edition to go with the COTD or a birthday and keeping the IOTD for stuff that I really use throughout the day to focus on. When I first started the IOTD, it was with the purpose of an image that I would pick to focus on, or simply view the beauty and use it in a Mindfulness exercise. So starting 1/1/2016, there might be two separate IOTD. 😉 Or I might change the name of the Special Edition to something else entirely. I’m still thinking. lol