So last week on FB I posted; “Frontier Sucks!” which is quite true, the customer service representative kept interrupting me and saying, “We value your service.” To which I replied, “Really? Then stop interrupting me!” However I did manage to stay calm and not bite her head off, and then I gave the phone to hubs. Yep, she kept interrupting him too.  The issue; I have been paying for a phone that I don’t use! And then they tell us we don’t need a phone for just internet service. But… they won’t work with us on the issue; the fact I’ve been paying a year on a service with other services added (voicemail, etc), that I don’t want or need! ARRGH! 😦

Lo and behold the very next day a Comcast representative stopped by the house and asked hubs if we wanted to change ISP’s? UH YES!!

So Tuesday they came to the house and installed the new and improved ISP! Woohoo! Hubs and I can now both be on the net and there is no lagging, and the download speed for a tv show on iTunes is fantastic. Before: Frontier to download a show=twenty six hours! NO, I’m not joking! Now with Comcast downloading a show=ten minutes or less! W O W ! what a difference! And that is with hubs playing an online game, me watching and the download on the iPad! 😀

So yeah, we’re definitely keeping Comcast and Frontier can bite me! lol Rude customer service no matter what the issue is, interruptions on the services and no they didn’t pro-rate it either, their answer when I called in about a disruption of service, “OOPs, not our fault.” Okay, but if I’m not able to use their service, they shouldn’t be able to charge me for no service. Am I right?  Oh and this was hilarious while Hubs was on the phone with them and asked for a phone number, the rep said, “let me look that up for you.” Okay that was nice of her, but twenty minutes later??? I had already found and asked to confirm the number with her in five minutes on my phone. Which was the correct number and she asked me how I found it so quickly, “Um Google!” Yes, seriously, five minutes on Google and she had been searching her directory twenty minutes. WOW!