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In other news, I’m still revising, my nano story to post on the my Plotbunny Musings blog I was hoping to have it already posted with the first two chapters. But well, life happens and I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stuff too.

However, I do hope to get some writing in this weekend, starting Friday night after work. 😉 and that’s if I don’t get in and do some writing during lunch these next few days.

During NANOWriMO the goal is to write, not necessarily good writing, just get the words down and revise later. Yeah. So while I have a good story, some of what I wrote, I’m questioning myself now. lol and my beta hasn’t gone in yet and left me notes. So… time to go dig in and see what treasure I can transform. 😉


really?!? *facepalm*

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I love the majority of my friends on facebook, really I do! 85% of them are really awesome! and that’s even without trying to be.

And then we have a small percentage 5% that while they never used to be so dramatic, have now become so. Is this a result of them being on facebook? I don’t know. But it seems to be a good possibility with these people.

The other 10% are just uniquely them! lol

They post highly personal family stuff and then whine when the rest of the family have blocked them. gee wonder why?  Then I showed them how to post so only they can see it. Have they? Um NO! Cue more drama.

It’s getting to the point that people that work with this person are starting to feel a hostile environment at work. Why, you ask? Well honestly, every day this person can come in with all her personal drama and doesn’t care who hears her. She complains about her job on facebook too, and that’s really?????? *cough stupid* So yeah, it’s tense for a bit until she arrives and what she is talking about. And that can be the calm before the storm. I’ve seen this person in a good mood and then a little thing happens and ka-blooey it’s on, the drama that is.

Honestly, if you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude about it. And if you keep complaining about the drama on facebook, stop causing it! 

yes, I do still like the person, I just don’t like the behavior. So what am I doing about it, 1) venting it here, and hopefully, this post educates others on their behavior, 2) move her from friends to acquaintances on facebook-so ya know I’m not dropping her as a friend, I just don’t see her dramatic posts in my timeline, 3) listen to her if she needs to vent, and redirect her to a more positive option!  4)at the most extreme-stay in my office and out of the drama.

So, thanks for reading!

Have an awesome day, stay warm and safe. We’re under a weather advisory. Cold, cold and oh yeah, more cold. 😉


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Calendar day; January 13, 2016

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Wednesday, the 13th of January, 2016 is the 13th day in 2016 and in the 2nd calendar week.
General Events:
Old New Year 2016
January 13, 2016 in the World
Old New Year is observed on January 13, 2016. The Old New Year or the Orthodox New Year is an informal traditional Orthodox holiday, celebrated as the start of the New Year by the Julian calendar. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the Old New Year falls on January 13 in the Gregorian calendar, 13 days after its New Year.
Where is Old New Year?
St. Knut’s Day
January 13, 2016 in Sweden / Finland
St. Knut’s Day is celebrated on January 13, 2016. St. Knut’s Day, also called Tjugondag jul, Tjugondag Knut or Knutomasso, is a traditional festival celebrated in Sweden and Finland. It is not celebrated in Denmark despite being named for the Danish prince Canute Lavard, and later also associated with his uncle, Canute the Saint, the patron saint of Denmark. Christmas trees are taken down on Tjugondag jul, and the candies and cookies that decorated the tree are eaten.
Where is St. Knut’s Day?
Nationwide Sweden / Finland
Make Your Dream Come True Day
January 13, 2016 in the World
Make Your Dream Come True Day is celebrated on January 13, 2016. The day is a chance to do something to realize your wishes and dreams.
People often make the mistake of letting their dreams remain just that: dreams. Dreams they have at night but then neglect in the morning. Dreams they hardly dare speak of lest they don’t come true. Little bits of fantasy doomed to remain that way. But they don’t have to! Of course, there are some dreams, like becoming a neon flying tiger that fights crime with Batman every night, that will likely never come true. But there are also thousands of dreams that are not nearly as impossible as we think them to be, and could be could in fact be fulfilled with a little planning and work, and sometimes just the courage to do something different than you have in the past.
Where is the event?
Lohri 2016
January 13, 2016 in India
Lohri is celebrated on January 13, 2016. Lohri is an extremely popular festival celebrated by the Punjabi people. This agricultural winter festival is celebrated in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttrakhand and Jammu. The origins of Lohri are many and link the festival to Punjab. Many people believe the festival was originally celebrated on winter solstice day, being the shortest day and the longest night of the year.
With time, the festival spread to the states adjoining Punjab – Sindh, Jammu, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. Lohri falls in the month of Paush i.e. around 13 January, as per the Gregorian calendar. It is, actually, celebrated a day before Makara Sankranthi, as it marks the end of the winter season. The sun usually enters the Nirayana Makara rashi (Capricorn) on January 14.
There are many origins of Lohri: all forming part of folklore. A key feature of Lohri is the bonfire, it signifies the return of longer days. During the day, children go from door to door singing folk songs in praise of Dulha Bhatti. These children are given sweets and savories, and occasionally, money. Turning them back empty-handed is regarded inauspicious.
Where is Lohri?
Nationwide India
National Rubber Ducky Day
January 13, 2016 in the USA
In 1970, Jim Henson performed the song “Rubber Duckie” as Ernie on Sesame Street, and the rubber duck bath toy has been an iconic American symbol ever since. Rubber ducks have been around since the rise of the rubber industry in the late 1800s, but no one knows their exact origin.
Did you know that in January of 1992, a shipment of 29,000 rubber duckies fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean? By 2007, the “Friendly Floatees” had traveled 17,000 miles around the world on the ocean currents. Some are still afloat today! Over the years, people reported sightings in Indonesia, Australia, South America, the Bering Straight, the Arctic, and (eventually) the Atlantic Ocean.
Happy Rubber Ducky Day!
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 13th January:
1404 – The Act of Multipliers is passed by the English Parliament forbidding alchemists to use their knowledge to create precious metals (it was feared that if any alchemist should succeed it would bring ruin upon the state)
1605 – The controversial play Eastward Hoe by Ben Jonson, George Chapman, and John Marston is performed, landing two of the authors in prison
1785 – John Walter publishes first issue of London Times
1830 – Great fire in New Orleans thought to be set by rebel slaves
1842 – Dr. William Brydon, a surgeon in the British Army during the First Anglo-Afghan War, becomes famous for (reputedly) being the sole survivor of an army of 16,500 when he reaches the safety of a garrison in Jalalabad
1888 – National Geographic Society founded (Washington, D.C.)
1915 – Earthquake in Avezzano Italy kills 29,800
1923 – Taking advantage of the chaotic condition of Germany, Hitler stages a demonstration of 5000 storm troopers and denounces the ‘November crime’
1928 – RCA and GE install three test television sets in homes in Schenectady, New York allowing American inventor E.F.W. Alexanderson to demonstrate the first home television receiver which delivered a poor and unsteady 1.5 square inch picture
1938 – The Church of England accepts the theory of evolution
1942 – Henry Ford patents a method of constructing plastic auto bodies
1957 – Wham-O Company produces the 1st Frisbee
1958 – 9,000 scientists of 43 nations petition UN for nuclear test ban
1972 – Former umpire, now housewife Bernice Gera wins her suit against baseball, initiated on March 15, 1971 to be allowed to umpire
1975 – Henry Kissinger hints at military action against oil countries in case of “actual strangulation of the industrialized world” in the wake of oil shock
1992 – Japan apologizes for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II.
2007 – Two thirds of the Venus’s southern hemisphere suddenly brightened as something triggered aerosols to form at a furious rate.


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