A special event on Facebook 😉 hosted by Moi.

so I guess I confused everyone last night… 😛

However, I didn’t want people to start watching a show without a basis of what it’s about. So last night we jumped into the Gate watching the original Stargate Movie.

Today, however, the official rewind starts with the first season of Stargate SG:1  and the first two episodes: Children of the Gods Part 1 and 2.

why two episodes? Well, why not? lol I mean we do have 10 seasons to get through. And honestly, I’m used to watching four episodes on a weekend night, so I’m splitting that in half and yeah… lol

And wow, I learnt a lot about hosting a Virtual event! lots of fun, but still a bit confusing at times, between watching the movie and posting on the phone…Hubs threatening to turn the movie off unless I was paying attention. LOL But it all turned out okay, I hope for everyone that was participating.

Also, not everyone has the DVD’s and that might be a cause for concern, however, some others that are participating suggested going to your local library and checking out the series. And someone else mentioned an app: Hoopla (click for the 411), there is also Hulu online- sorry not free anymore! please leave comments if you know of other online viewing sources, and thank you in advance!

so for those that aren’t able to join us tonight and/or would like a brief synopsis of these episodes here ya go Spoilerish! also be warned-I believe there is brief nudity in this episode.

And for those that don’t know why I chose today to start this rewind??

It’s Richard Dean Anderson’s birthday!! 

Yeah, I’m a total nerd! lol 😛

I hope this entry on Facebook clarifies a few things! We’ll kick off today at five o’clock EST.  And again, I’ll do a 1/2 hour and 15-minute warning. Hope to see you there! 😀