So I’m still working on the revision from the Nano sequel on Alexandria’s story.

Alex in teh hot seat

but with everything that has been happening in my personal and professional life. I haven’t felt like writing. Yep, clue one that I’ve been depressed! 😦 When I don’t feel like writing, that is scary. AT least to me. 😉 I love writing. It is my stress reliever and when I’m not doing it, my stress level elevates. Kinda like how it is lately and why I’ve had an issue with my health. Yep, had another TIA last Sunday. I’ve been kinda quiet about it – except for those that need to know. But. Some people, and thank you, want to know when I’m going to post the chapters for the sequel. I’m hoping as soon as my Beta reader gives me a good review/look over of the first couple chapters this weekend, you reading this? LOL Tomorrow I’ll be going over the first two chapters and tweaking ’em again. 😉 And then for the wait, I might be posting them within a day of each other.

But honestly has anyone other than one or two people looking forward to this? As I’m not being paid for this, I do it cause I love writing and I’ve got stories to tell. But I do appreciate hearing that others are looking forward to reading what I’m writing.

Thank you in advance, if you leave a comment!

thank you, M'Chel