Patrick’s Project


For Aw Yeah Comics is finished! 😀


And I think he did an amazing job! The floor wasn’t level and he had to make a few adjustments but you can’t tell by looking. He’s that good. 😉

I know, I’m his wife, but whatever.

The owner of the bookstore, in my opinion, got a really good deal. He only charged ten dollars an hour, where someone else probably would’ve charged twenty or more an hour for the labor.  So for twenty-six hours of labor, he got $260 in store credit.

Big Book Case

big book case

Bookcase 1

Bookcase 1

Patrick working

Patrick working 2

Patrick hard at work

Patrick working hard

To me, this is a little bookcase

to me little book case

but… we had to fill up the gas tank

we had to fill up the gas tank three times and get him food. BTW he didn’t take a lunch or a dinner break. He pretty much worked the entire time he was there straight without a break.  We did the price comparison on the supplies as well, so all they had to do was order and well pay for it. They went with cheaper plyboard instead, I understand cost effective. But… it actually took longer as he had to use more glue and let that dry before he could continue on. So one bookcase was drying while he was working on the other.  I just kind of wish that for a bonus or a tip for a project done in a weekend and done well! It would’ve been nice to have a gift card to Meijer’s for the gas and some food for him. Just my opinion. He had cereal. yeah… 😦  on the other hand, at least he had cereal. I know thankfulness! 😉

I’m grateful that he had work! Don’t get me wrong! But we’re kind of struggling and the actual cash for the work done would’ve been better in my opinion. I can only hope that others see his work and maybe he gets another paying job out of this!

Happy Birthday, Patrick







Calendar day; February 9, 2016

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Tuesday, the 9th of February, 2016 is the 40th day in 2016 and in the 6th calendar week.
General Events:
Courir de Mardi Gras
February 9, 2016 in Louisiana
Courir de Mardi Gras takes place on February 09, 2016. The Courir de Mardi Gras is a traditional Mardi Gras event held in many Cajun communities of south Louisiana on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Courir de Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday Run”. The rural Mardi Gras celebration is based on early begging rituals, similar to those still celebrated by mummers, wassailers and celebrants of Halloween.
Where is Courir de Mardi Gras?
Nationwide Louisiana
Powder Day 2016
February 9, 2016 in Tolox (Spain)
Powder Day is celebrated on February 09, 2016. Powder Day or Day of the Powder, is celebrated in the southern Spanish village of Tolox on Shrove Tuesday, the final day of the annual Tolox carnival. This local tradition involves the throwing of talcum powder at one another.
Where is Powder Day?
Nationwide Tolox (Spain)
Paczki Day
February 9, 2016 in Poland
n Poland, paczki are eaten especially on Fat Thursday (Tlusty Czwartek), the last Thursday prior to Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. The traditional reason for making paczki was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit in the house, because their consumption was forbidden by Catholic fasting practices during Lent.
In North America, particularly the large Polish community of Chicago, Detroit, and other large cities across the Midwest, Paczki Day is celebrated annually by immigrants and locals alike. The date of this observance merges with that of pre-Lenten traditions of other immigrants (e.g., Pancake Day, Mardi Gras) on Fat Tuesday. With its sizable Polish population, Chicago celebrates the festival on both Fat Thursdayand Fat Tuesday; paczki are also often eaten on Casimir Pulaski Day. In Buffalo, Toledo, Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, South Bend, and Windsor, Paczki Day is celebrated on Fat Tuesday.
The Paczki Day celebrations in some areas are even larger than many celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day. In Hamtramck, Michigan, an enclave of Detroit, there is an annual Paczki Day (Shrove Tuesday) Parade, which has gained a devoted following. Throughout the Metro Detroit area, it is so widespread that many bakeries attract lines of customers for paczki on Paczki Day.
In some areas, Paczki Day is celebrated with paczki-eating contests. The contest in Evanston, Illinois, started in 2010, and is held on the weekend before Fat Tuesday, while Hamtramck’s contest is held on the holiday.
Where is Paczki Day?
Nationwide Poland
International Pancake Day
February 9, 2016 in the World
Pancake Day, also called Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras (which is French for “Fat Tuesday“), is the last day of feasting before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. It’s called so due to the tradition of eating pancakes on the day. This tradition comes from a time where any rich foods were eaten on the day before Lent, and fasting begins. The date can vary from as early as February 3rd to as late asMarch 9th.
Some suggest that the Pancake Tuesday was originally a pagan holiday. Before the Christian era, the Slavs believed that the change of seasons was a struggle between Jarilo, the god of vegetation, fertility and springtime, and the evil spirits of cold and darkness. People believed that they had to help Jarilo fight against winter and bring in the spring. The most important part of Maslenitsa week (the whole celebration of the arrival of spring lasted one week) was making and eating pancakes. The hot, round pancakes symbolized the sun. The Slavs believed that by eating pancakes, they got the power, light and warmth of the sun. The first pancake was usually put on a window for the spirits of the ancestors. On the last day of Maslenitsa week some pancakes and other food were burnt in a bonfire as a sacrifice to the pagan gods
Where is International Pancake Day?
Mardi Gras 2016
February 9, 2016 in the World
Mardi Gras is on February 09, 2016. The terms “Mardi Gras”, “Mardi Gras season”, and “Carnival season”, in English, refer to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after Epiphany and ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is French for “FatTuesday“, referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which started on Ash Wednesday.
Related popular practices were associated with celebrations before the fasting and religious obligations associated with the penitential season of Lent. Popular practices included wearing masks and costumes, overturning social conventions, dancing, sports competitions, parades, etc. Similar expressions to Mardi Gras appear in other European languages sharing the Christian tradition. In English, the day is called Shrove Tuesday, associated with the religious requirement for confession before Lent begins.
Carnival is an important celebration in Catholic European nations. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the week before Ash Wednesday is called “shrovetide”, ending on Shrove Tuesday. It has its popular celebratory aspects as well. Pancakes are a traditional food. Pancakes and related fried breads or pastries made with sugar, fat and eggs are also traditionally consumed at this time in many parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Where is Mardi Gras?
Extraterrestrial Culture Day/Extraterrestrial Visitor Day
February 9, 2016 in New Mexico
An officially acknowledged day in New Mexico (Roswell), Extraterrestrial Culture Day celebrates extraterrestrial cultures, and our past, present and future relationships with extraterrestrial visitors.
The origins of this “holiday” began in 2003, when Republican Representative Daniel R. Foley submitted a proposal to the New Mexico legislature to set aside a special day of the year to “celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors.”
One of the most famous incidents of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) took place decades ago in Roswell, NM. Many believe a flying saucer crashed near the town of Roswell in 1947 in what is known as the Roswell Incident. First acknowledged, then denied, by the United States military, did aliens crash-land outside of Roswell? Did the American government cover it up? Whether fact or fiction, thousands of humans still flock to Roswell every year for the annual UFO Festival ( June 30-July3, 2016).
Where is Extraterrestrial Culture Day/Extraterrestrial Visitor Day?
Nationwide New Mexico
Toothache Day 2016
February 9, 2016 in the World
Toothaches are no fun, and so you will no doubt be surprised to learn that Toothache Day exists. Don’t be alarmed, though. This day is certainly not about celebrating the dreaded toothache. No way! Instead, Toothache Day is actually more about education and awareness and helping people learn how to prevent them happening to begin with and how best to make them go away, and quick!
The severity of a toothache can range from a mild discomfort to excruciating pain, which can be experienced either chronically or sporadically. This pain can often be aggravated somewhat by chewing or by hot or cold temperature. An oral examination complete with X-rays can help discover the cause. Severe pain may be considered a dental emergency.
It is so important that we learn how to take care of our teeth and not only get rid of nasty aches but also stop them coming back or turning into something more serious, and Toothache Day is a great opportunity to promote and celebrate health, share knowledge and fill your brain with info and facts in a fun and silly way. One thing is for sure though, there will be no sugary candy or soda involved!
Where is the event?
Historical Events on 9th February:
1267 Synod of Breslau orders Jews of Silesia to wear special caps
1554 Battle at London: Sir Thomas Wyatt defeated and his rebellion against Queen Mary crushed
1849 Roman Republic declared in Rome replacing following flight of Pope Pius IX
1886 US President Grover Cleveland declares a state of emergency in Seattle because of anti-Chinese violence
1906 Natal proclaims state of siege in Zulu uprising
1929 USSR, Estonia, Latvia, Poland & Romania sign Litvinov’s Pact, providing for renunciation of war among its signatories
1950 Sen Joseph McCarthy charges State Dept infested with 205 communists
1953 “Adventures of Superman” TV series premieres in syndication
1986 Tomb of Tutanchamon’s treasurer Maya found in Egypt
1994 Israeli minister Shimon Perez signs accord with PLO’s Yasser Arafat


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