For Aw Yeah Comics is finished! 😀


And I think he did an amazing job! The floor wasn’t level and he had to make a few adjustments but you can’t tell by looking. He’s that good. 😉

I know, I’m his wife, but whatever.

The owner of the bookstore, in my opinion, got a really good deal. He only charged ten dollars an hour, where someone else probably would’ve charged twenty or more an hour for the labor.  So for twenty-six hours of labor, he got $260 in store credit.

Big Book Case

big book case

Bookcase 1

Bookcase 1

Patrick working

Patrick working 2

Patrick hard at work

Patrick working hard

To me, this is a little bookcase

to me little book case

but… we had to fill up the gas tank

we had to fill up the gas tank three times and get him food. BTW he didn’t take a lunch or a dinner break. He pretty much worked the entire time he was there straight without a break.  We did the price comparison on the supplies as well, so all they had to do was order and well pay for it. They went with cheaper plyboard instead, I understand cost effective. But… it actually took longer as he had to use more glue and let that dry before he could continue on. So one bookcase was drying while he was working on the other.  I just kind of wish that for a bonus or a tip for a project done in a weekend and done well! It would’ve been nice to have a gift card to Meijer’s for the gas and some food for him. Just my opinion. He had cereal. yeah… 😦  on the other hand, at least he had cereal. I know thankfulness! 😉

I’m grateful that he had work! Don’t get me wrong! But we’re kind of struggling and the actual cash for the work done would’ve been better in my opinion. I can only hope that others see his work and maybe he gets another paying job out of this!