So yesterday I took ALL my Monster High dolls, and ALL my collectible Barbies and Hubs put in some of his collectible stuff too. And we went to Kokomo Toys and WooHOOO! We made a pretty good deal and so now I can afford to get him his eye exam and glasses.  Which while in Kokomo, we found a much better deal at an optometry place in the mall; exam and two pairs of glasses right under $100. I need to cancel that eye appt at Meijer’s. 😉

And while we were at the Store, hubs took a photo me with Cobra Commander! lol very candid. I didn’t even check out my hair a mirror. LOL 😛

and yes, I asked permission first if I could take a photo with him. Always better to be well-mannered and polite. Some places do not like you to just start taking photos of stuff! ya know! 


Kokomo Toys is an action figure collectible geek’s dream store!!! OH YES! They have pretty much anything you can think of and a few I’d never heard of. lol They even had some figures from the Stargate Movie. I wasn’t there to buy yesterday, but to sell. And I managed to stay on track with that! 😉 okay mostly.…they did have a Kimmi doll for under $10, and hubs talked me into it. I just sold ALL my collectible dolls, so a little Kimmi for under $10 yeah, I buckled.


Her official name is: Sorrow

A bitter sweet symphony, a catching melody that sweeps you off your feet and transports you to a deeper world. (from the official website link above)

But I do like the description of her name. Kind of fits; the transportation into a deeper world. 😉 I just love the boots with the plaid skirt! 😉

And now onto the work week! 😀

Ya’ll have a great day! and if you’re in Central Indiana be sure to check out: Paul Poteet for your weather information. 😉