Would you give up control for a new hairstyle? And color?

Janae brought a bribe and we talked. She knows things, and it was agreed I needed a Pick-me-Up!

so Viola Make-over day!e1a5d2b6-17c3-4624-9722-0ca7aaf7cacf

I’m so happy I did.

Here’s me now!


Yeah, it’s a bit shorter than I’m used to, but it feels healthier and OMG I love ❤ this color!


and all awesome makeovers include a new look. LOL

my present for not screaming when I saw how much hair was being cut off. :O

The Palette was opened as a display, but never used- so it wasn’t able to be sold. Squee I’m the new owner. The lipstick and foundation, I get to do a blog entry review on. 😉 and the OPI is slightly used. The person didn’t like the color and gave it to Janae to use and she knows I’m a purple addict! Squee! 🙂
so all in all, this was a great albeit short visit! She’s heading home back up to Chicago after visiting family in Nap town. lol Her words. We were both happy I had today off, and my fibro pain was low enough to visit. Hubs stayed in his room playing a game and watching youtube vids. He only had to ask us once to keep it down. LOL 😀 ya know snorts and giggle fits!

As I’ve said before, I ❤ my friends! even the non-geeks. She doesn’t get my obsession with SciFi.

and who knew that we’d become friends after trying to kick each other’s ass while in the army together or that friendship from Basic would still be going on. We’re living different lives, but when we get together it’s like we’re still where we left off.

#HappineesIs friends you never lose! I love ya, Nae!