Okay so by now most ppl will have noticed no IOTD’s, or the Stargate Rewind posts since last Wednesday. Well, here’s the explanation:

On Wednesday I came in to work feeling a lil better but not at 100%, and then the stomach bug returned with a vengeance. So I asked and was able to go home to rest! That afternoon, Hubs was on a chair trying to get some ice packs and my rice bag from atop the fridge in a cabinet up top. Thankfully, or not, I heard him squeak and went to see the chair wobbling. I attempted to help him and instead he fell and landed smack on top of me. Good news; I broke his fall. Bad news; I had a concussion! Bad news: his foot swelled fast and looked bad. Good News: not broken just a really bad sprain!

So I had to inform my boss that I was not going to be able to come in on Thursday as we had a ride to our doctor’s offices.  To those on FB that kept telling me to go to the ED; Ummm, I had a concussion and Patrick couldn’t walk. So yeah, I’m not calling an ambulance as transportation. But thanks for your concern. Went to the doctor on Thursday where we were informed of the above; bad sprain and concussion. Again I had to inform my boss that I was off for the next few days, “NO spraining your brain!” I was not allowed to use the net, my phone, my pad and I was not allowed to read, write or watch complex stuff. I could lie in bed and listen to music. Which honestly is what I did 90% of the time. The other 10% was to check on hubs and take care of food and his medications. I got lucky and got a shot for the stomach bug.

So I’m back at work today! Hubs has caught my stomach bug and I’ll be picking up his antibiotics later today from his doctor whom I have called. I still have brain bubble moments, but yeah, that’s not entirely new.


Also, I have not been able to access Instagram, Twitter and a few other of my social sites on the iPhone or iPad. It’s an issue with me, I haven’t upgraded to the new IOS yet. I’ve been waiting to upgrade to a newer version of the iPhone. 😉 which hopefully should be soon. *crosses fingers*


so again, thank you to those that were concerned for us, I appreciate it. But now you know the rest of the story and I wasn’t driving while impaired! 😉


okie dokies!!! hugs to all!