sorry about last week, had a concussion…. 😦


this weekend’s virtual rewind of Stargate SG:1 are the episodes:

Learning Curve
Aired: 22 Jul. 1999



Point of View
aired: 30 Jul. 1999


I’m used to doing a marathon viewing of a full disc and we have 10 seasons to watch. So I asked and seems others are up to watching two episodes in a night.

We’ll have an intermission between the two shows. 😉

Again this is a virtual event that I’m hosting on FB.


AND Thank you to my friend, Derek who has graciously agreed to let us use his chat site!

Stargate:Rewind Watch Party FB

Easy instructions:  Type in a “nickname” for yourself.  Start talking with others who visit also.

Thank you very much, Derek! You’re Awesome!