it’s official 

I am now the third shift Access (crisis) therapist!

I applied for it and after they adjusted a few – un nuh ain’t doing it changes. I reapplied and accepted the position. And it’s official, my first day will be August 1st!! I was supposed to start on July 31st, but after reviewing that I’m working two weeks straight without a break, my Boss had the start day re-adjusted too! Woot!

SO! Sunday through Thursday I’ll be on the overnight shift! Nine pm to Eight am, except on Sundays when I start at Eight pm. YES!! I get my Fridays off again!! and most Saturdays-I’m still on the On-Call and holiday rotation schedule. Bonus though those are Access Hours!! (means more moola!! 😉 )

honestly after speaking to my doctor who keeps informing me I NEED to get my stress down, we agreed that a third shift would be beneficial for my health, and I’d finally be able to make my appointments!! Yes, I do speak with my provider. 😉 And most of the time we agree with each other. LOL

So this week, I’m still on 8am to 5pm.