First third shift and I’ve been cleaning my office to stay busy! 😉 Now if only they would spray for spiders!!! ACK! I almost screamed when one nearly went over my hand!! I’m not amused!! 😦

Normally at this time I’d be getting ready for work and now I’m finishing up what documentation needs to be completed before I leave. Emailing the next shift what is and hasn’t been completed, and emailing the support staff a few things that need to be done during the regular eight to five shift.

So I think the forcing myself to stay awake the past three days really did help me acclimate to the new shift. I’m still trying to figure a time to eat, tonight I did so when I could and I couldn’t wait any longer. Another nice thing about this shift, my lunch doesn’t get stolen. HUH!!! O.O
and oh yeah, the stress level was waaaay lower!

And okay in the weirdness file, I only had one pot of coffee tonight too!! someone mark a calendar! That has to be newsworthy. LOL

So a few more hours and then I’m going home and going to bed!!

Hope ya’ll have a great day!