Okay, had a somewhat busy shift last night. I still had to force myself to stay awake, sleep schedule is wonky again for some reason. So when I got home this morning, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow and I just woke up around nine. OOPS! I overslept. So the good news is, I should be able to stay awake all night on my night off and write!! And play with JiJi who is fascinated by my typing on my laptop. LOL He’s not much for my music station on Pandora. 😀

I’ve got a pot of coffee brewing and he’s just hopped on the counter, I think it might be done. JiJi cracks me up!! Yep, he’s meowing, coffees done.

I hope ya’ll had a great day off!! Time to go play on FB for a little bit and then write.