the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.
synonyms: copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing;

informal cribbing

Source: Google

OI! what is wrong with some FanFic writers???

I understand using source material as reference, yes there are sites out there that have the transcripts of shows. One of the ones I’ve used is GateWorld for Stargate episodes. And by use I mean look at and see what other information might be a good resource for a story.

I’ve noticed that a few fanfic (fanfic=fan fiction) have taken entire transcripts and inserted their character in for one of the main characters and then publish that story online. They use a disclaimer that no infringement was meant or intended. 

UM! Excuse the frack out of me!! NO Infringement? You just stole someone else’s work and have inserted your character in and did NOT change one word and now you’re claiming YOU wrote it! Seriously? WTF!

Maybe you should read the synonyms above!!! Piracy, theft, stealing, infringement of copyright!! It’s right there, people! 


yep, I was reading another SGA FanFic when I had to close that page, but not after reporting it to the site owner/manager. I don’t want the site to get into trouble for the actions of one person! Yes, I miss my show and Fanfic continues it on… however, I don’t want someone stealing the scriptwriter’s work!! We’ll lose the ability for others and me to write!! Look at what has happened to Star Trek!