images found on another site! hope ya’ll laugh as much as I have on this one!!
I have added in the youtube clips for the theme and end theme! Hey!! I like being thorough. LOL ūüėÄ

On a dark planet in the Pegasus Galaxy- P3M-736

1 2 3

4 5 6

Later back in Atlantis

7 8

And then a short jumper trip through the gate to P3M-736

9 10

Later, deep in the forest

11 12

Meanwhile, at the Gate, Team Lorne checks in with Atlantis


and John and Teyla run into a small situation

14 15 16

and meanwhile else where

17 18

And help arrives


And Rodney and Ford?

21 22 23

And what about Carson and Ronon?

24 25 26

Ronon to the Rescue!


and Ford?


Back on Atlantis


And Ronon finds out the fate of Sateda