I’ve been noticing an influx of new Followers, thank you very much! I hope to keep you entertained or at the very least give you a giggle. 😉

I’ve scheduled some more trick or treats for the next few days. All the good stuff will be going live on the 30th and the 31st, naturally. 😀

I went back and have updated a few things in my about me section. 😉 Always good to keep that page updated. You never know who might be looking.

I’ve updated the widgets and have put up a new widget countdown! Changed my Gravatar and updated the mini musings- I think I did??? LOL

And now a question for those that read fan fic. If someone was to write a story out of the sequence of the stories already posted, would you read it? And would it annoy you that it is out of sequence and might give away things that haven’t been revealed to the reader yet! 😦

I’m asking as I’ve been working on a Halloween story for Alex and I haven’t been able to get a hold of my beta/proofreader. 😦  Please let me know, I’d post a poll, but honestly, I don’t believe that people like them. I have poor interactions when I post a poll and I’d really like to have an opinion on this. Thank you in advance for your answer! I do appreciate it! 🙂

till later, enjoy your day! Mine is coming to a close and I’ll be going home and trying to sleep again. The best thing about Fall weather is that it is colder and I love snuggling up under the covers and the cold doesn’t affect my Fibro like the heat and humidity does.