Migraines suck!

It started a bit on Wednesday and was full bore on Thursday. I had to call into work and pass it off to my alternative. I then fell asleep and didn’t wake up until mid-morning on Friday.  I was still feeling the pain, though.  Hubs and I had already made plans for Veteran’s day. And we finally made it in for a free lunch.

The menu choices, pretty nice selection!

Which since it was free, we gave our server a really good tip. We got our meals for free, so we gave a tip of half of what the actual price would’ve been. Especially since 1) Logan was a great server and 2) we noticed others not tipping. 😦  I get it, but still.

I took a photo of hubs who then demanded equal time and I look bored in my photo but was actually in pain still.

We then went to Ulta as I wanted to get my hair color freshened up.  And OW! OW! OW! 😦 the woman who claimed to be the assistant manager of the Salon was torturing my hair/head. All because I didn’t want to get the treatments she highly suggested I get. At thirty dollars a pop, I passed. And I have the same treatments at home already. I informed her of that but she didn’t seem to understand. She was saying while pulling my hair. “If you had the treatment this wouldn’t hurt so much!” Hubs heard that and went to speak to a manager and viola, I got the Veteran’s discount on my color and he got me free makeup. No way was I paying up to seventy dollars (her fee) for a haircut. 😦 And I also went there as the stylists usually do a great job of massaging my scalp which lessens my migraine, not this time obviously!

I do like the color, by the way, very pretty! I checked out and this time, no I did not want to leave a tip! Would you?

And then we went to the mall to do some window shopping. Which actually was fun! 🙂 I did get a few new items at my fave store, I’ve been losing more weight and needed some pants that would stay up. 😉

And then at Books a Million they had one of the new Wonder Woman coloring books, I’ll be scanning the images to color on the Pro! wooHoo! And we found Hubs a large action figure of Harley Quinn at FYE. Yay! for my discount card there! lol  We haven’t gone back to the comic book store after he did the work there. I’m still not happy about that…but I protest in where I spend my money. Actions speak louder than words and apparently so does money! 😉

We made it home and relaxed for a bit, found out that JiJi knocked his treats off the top of the fridge and was eating them. Silly kitty has no regrets! LOL