HA! and Oops! I forgot to mention that on Saturday, we stopped at the local Great Clips and the stylist I had, still had a coupon for a free cut for Veterans! YAY!! And she did a fabulous job, actually got my weird personally designed cut correct! So yeah, she got a good tip! One, she gave me the coupon for a free cut, second, she didn’t laugh at what I wanted and three, she was able to do what I wanted with no muss or fuss! Four, she was hilarious!

I don’t like having the same cuts as everyone else, you can ask my mom, I’ve been like this for years. It’s longer in the front, but not the whole front and then shorter in the back without that stacking look. Sounds like a modified bob, right? It kinda is, but everyone wants to blend the back into the front and then it shortens the front up. This stylist got it! It might look a bit weird from the side, but it’s my style, not yours! LOL 🙂

So the theme this weekend has been, Happiness is:  And my happiness was time with hubs and JiJi, Veteran’s recognition aka a good meal at Texas Roadhouse, getting a few new items to wear that fits and doesn’t fall off and socks! Yep, I always decline wearing socks, but hubs found some of those Bamboo socks and oooh! They are nice! And bonus they were under $4. and with the coupons I had, pretty much free, actually!  And the other stuff  this weekend has been a bonus! The main thing I’m happy about is spending time with my family! 🙂