So Tuesday or rather early in the morning Wednesday, I was having severe chest pains. I’m stubborn and waited. When I received a consult to go see someone in the ED. So while there I asked the doctor on duty if he could listen to my symptoms. He did and next thing you know I’m getting an EKG done and being admitted to the ED myself. I had to call my support staff to call in my back up to see the consult. As the doctor informed me I couldn’t leave, I needed medical treatment.

The nurse gave me three nitroglycerin pills separately and none of them worked. Next came a Nitro IV. Still wasn’t working, so then I got to drink something really nasty but it actually started to loosen up the pressure. I had multiple x-rays, a CAT scan of my heart, multiple EKG’s and oh yeah lots of blood draws. My blood pressure had also skyrocketed. Uh duh! I was freaking out!

So until my blood pressure settled and the results of my heart enzyme came back I was in a hospital bed.

I was off work last night and slept pretty much all day when I got home and all through the night. I worried hubs and JiJi, yep, he came and checked on me even when hubs didn’t. Aww! Nothing like kitty kisses when you don’t feel good. Today I was still in bed most of the day until I woke up at three o’clock and just couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m still feeling a little off, but I’m at work.

I have a history of multiple TIA’s and a cardiac arrest in September 2010, so yeah, I’m happy that the doctor at the ED stabilized me. I have a call into my primary provider and they are supposed to be calling me tomorrow to get me in ASAP. Especially when I informed the nurse of all that happened and that the nitro pills didn’t work! It was actually about three hours before the pain in my chest lessened enough that it was no longer a ten. It hurt something fierce! Enough that I actually talked to the ED Doctor and didn’t argue being treated. 😉

So that’s why no IOTD last night… I was sleeping! 😉