Hubs bought me a couple of books in a series a few weeks ago. Star Trek Enterprise; Rise of the Federation series.

I found out after starting the book, that I was in the third book of the series. I went to eBay and found the first two in the series and I have them both now. WoooHOOO! 🙂

Now here’s the question part; Would you keep reading the third book or stop and wait till after you read the first two in the series?


I stopped the third book, I am all about the chronological order of things. LOL

No, seriously, I have emailed authors on fic sites to get the correct order of a series before I start reading them and if they, the author, doesn’t know their own order… I’m not reading it. Unless it came highly recommended from someone I trust. But yeah, I stopped reading to wait on the first two books and the first one arrived while I was out this week. It’s unwrapped now and ready for me to open it up!! Good thing I didn’t pay a lot for it, the spine is fine, but the back cover looks as if it’s been run over a few times. Naturally, they didn’t show that in the photos. OI! 😦 So will I give a neutral or a bad review on eBay????  Shipping took longer than they advertised, it was listed as used, but not damaged. So probably a bad review.