OMG, I got home yesterday morning to find my floor flooded. I woke up hubs and he called the plumber. I never got to sleep yesterday. I was stressing and then started having chest pains. So, after the bad news,I had to call my boss.  Patrick drove us down to the VA yesterday afternoon. The bad news, we’re without water for 3 weeks! OMG! 

So yeah, texted boss and then Patrick took me to Indy. Another night in the ER, but I was early to check in for surgery this morning. Which, wow, took a long time. Thank goodness I asked for them to keep Patrick updated. Recovery took longer as I had a few issues after the surgery. But I wasn’t admitted as no issues during surgery so that’s good. 

We’re finally home! Patrick has me set up in bed, and picked up dinner for us. It’s been a long 24 plus hours. So I’m going to be eating and watching something. Wish me luck on keeping my legs straight. I’m not supposed to walk for the next few days, and keep my legs straight. Eeps!

No texts or phone calls from fam… 😦 

I was happy, Patrick was with me pretty much the whole time minus the actual surgical time. 

Till later, y’all stay safe and warm. Peace!​