some vacation… first I had my surgical procedure and the day before my house flooded. That was not fun!! I wasn’t able to go to work as due to the stress, I started having chest pain and ended up in the ER waiting till my procedure. At least, I was early. 😉 have to think positively.

then I had all these restrictions, I wasn’t allowed to pick up JiJi he was over the weight limit. I wasn’t able to do this or that or anything really! ugh 😦 And then I ended up having to take Patrick in to the ER and found out not only does he have strep but a severe sinus infection. UGH! And then… yes, I had my follow-up, incision site is fine, no strep, but since my immune system was compromised I have a nasty bug. 😦 I received a ‘booster’ shot, HA! and more meds. OMG I think I’m up to 40 meds a day now. So really my vacation was not a vacation but more of a recovery period. I ended up calling in sick last night due to the stomach bug, the doc said I needed to rest! HA!

I made it in to work tonight and into chaos. The best way to describe it! Really!

I’m really looking forward to quitting time now! This is the first chance I’ve had to post the IOTD and let ya’ll know what’s been happening.

Anywho, that’s me and Patrick. I hope ya’ll have had a much better holiday season!

and omg who changed up the WordPress site? I’m not liking this new change at the moment. I wish we had the ability to use the old way and not this new crapola! Am I the only one that dislikes it?