I’m late, but yes, I did march!! No, I did not take any pictures because I wanted to be in the moment and do what was needed, and posting or going live isn’t my thing during something of this importance! Just me! 😉

Here is the link from Indy Star the local newspaper!

I’ll post the pic of me and my pussy hat later! LOL It’s not like everyone else’s, as I couldn’t get one! Finances. 😛

I’ll also be sharing some images that I have snagged from facebook with some of my personal choices of protestors and their signs!

Ladies and Gentlemen that marched WE ROCK! Take a Bow! and let’s not let this momentum slide, time to keep focused and when needed the pressure on!

Thank you again to all of those that marched! if you were unable to march this time, no worries, I’m sure we’ll have others. The Veteran’s are organizing a few and I’ll give more information when I have it! If you are able to donate to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood or any other social agency that needs it right now, thank you!