So read this: Blacklisting Businesses Hostile to Trump

And now we have a list of businesses that we can support with our money!!!

Because most of these are small businesses, they really do need support! 🙂


in case you missed this in your History class, this has happened before!
Read here and educate yourself!

And for those of you that are involved in the #grabyourwallet campaign and boycotting Trump products let me help you out.

On this page there is a Boycott Trump App, I use it and highly suggest you do too! Please share this app, a boycott only works when a lot of people do it. One or two, not noticed at all. A few hundred- tends to make a bit of a notice, 1000’s definitely noticing that!


If they are going to start blacklisting small businesses that can barely make ends meet, then yeah, I’m all for boycotting them. Not that they are going to notice but maybe, just maybe the retailers will notice a decrease in their businesses.