I’m taking the rest of the week off and through until Sunday night! I need a break from my timelines on Twitter and FaceBook, it’s getting kinda nasty on Facebook! And I’m trying not to start an issue with a friend, I still can’t believe they said it and mean it… but I’ll find someone to talk it out with .

So tonight, I’ll be working on the Stargate Rewind post and then early this morning (It’s soo confusing working third shift! LOL) posted a lot of cute and funny animal pix on my facebook wall, I stayed away from the timeline. I did do one political post and I’ll probably share it here too!! but not at the moment. Anywho I’ll post that later this morning before I go to bed and then I need a mental health break!

too much anger, angst and downright rudeness from some people and I’m done! So time to recharge this weekend and come back fresh! I will be posting more animal pix tomorrow on Facebook and maybe some other art type stuff! We need to see beauty right now, with all the ugliness going on.

So I challenge you to post Thursday, Friday and Saturday aka Caturday some beautiful images! It doesn’t have to be a lot, just one image of the day! Give it a shot, leave me a comment if you do and I’ll have a surprise for you! Thank you in advance for taking some of the ugliness away! Big Hugs

I love you tree! ❤