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February: Postcard Protest

SOURCE: Pexels

This particular protest is asking for people to send in a postcard every day for the month of February with just one word on it: “Resign.” The address and protest description can be found here.


Feb. 19: Stop The Trump Agenda, Chicago, Illinois

This is a march, taking place in Chicago, is protesting on the one-month anniversary of Donald Trump taking office. They will be protesting the agenda Trump has been pursuing right outside of Trump Tower.

Feb. 20: Not My President’s Day Rally

Now this event is actually taking place nationwide. To celebrate President’s Day in the United States, numerous people have committed to protesting the fact that they refuse to celebrate a man that they do not deem fit for office. The protest name comes from the common cheer “Not my president,” said at hundreds of marches taking place around the nation. The Not My President’s Day march will be taking place in dozen cities around the country including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

Feb. 22: March For Science

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